.css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}Men working for the BBC earn an average of 9.3% more than women, a report into the corporation's staff pay has found. Here’s an answer to one of the questions we put to you earlier: The reason the BBC was told to publish the list of top earners was to demonstrate whether it is delivering value for money - in other words, whether it pays in line with the market. Chris Evans was top of the list on £2.2m, followed by six more men. Here’s a roundup of the main points after the publication of the BBC’s top salaries. The union representing low-paid production workers at the BBC is stepping up demands for a minimum salary of 20,000. The report … It is for license fee payers to determine whether they think this is good value for money or not. One publicly available pay deal is for Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, who gets £1.5m a year - which would put him second on the BBC’s list behind Chris Evans. There is more on our BBC section. Wed 19 Jul 2017 15.08 BST The BBC is not complacent and today’s management response sets out a range of actions we are taking as we strive to be best in class on fair pay. .css-po6dm6-ItalicText{font-style:italic;}Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts, or on Instagram at bbcnewsents. Copies of the gender pay gap report, equal pay audit, management actions, draft pay principles, and the judge’s commentary, can be found here: Today’s publications are not the BBC’s last word on gender pay issues, as the BBC we will set out actions on our approach to on-air presenters, editors and correspondents, by the end of the year. Lawyers have warned that the BBC is now exposed to sex discrimination claims by its female presenters. Below is the BBC’s performance against a range of gender and diversity targets. All rights reserved. The disability pay gap is 3.3%, it found, while the gap affecting black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff is 0.4%. Them saying ‘we’re going to do something completely different’ or ... ‘it’s a market that is not just the UK but global’.”. This will also be part of a much broader piece of work looking at how the BBC addresses issues related to the list of talent paid more than £150,000 so that it is more representative of the audiences it serves. That’s your lot for today. Theresa May took a dig at the BBC high earners to deflect a question about pay in the public sector. The report has been independently assured by consultancy firm Ernst & Young. BBC director general, Tony Hall, says he is committed to closing the gender pay gap at the BBC by 2020. The list of 96 top earners exposed a series of gender disparities on pay in sports coverage, news, radio and TV. The equal pay report concludes that there is no question of any systemic gender discrimination in the way the BBC pays its staff. This is an essential part of modernising the BBC. Bradley also claimed that publication of salaries would have deflationary impact on the BBC pay bill. Chris Evans was paid at least £2.2m by the BBC last year while Gary Lineker collected more than £1.75m and Graham Norton more than £850,000, according to figures published by the corporation. The BBC's analysis refers purely to private sector firms which had gender pay gap data and a consistent registration at Companies House for April 2017 and April 2018. The BBC will also continue to consult with staff and unions as we move forward and deliver change. http://www.bbc.co.uk/corporate2/insidethebbc/howwework/reports/gender_equal_pay_october_2017, Review of Gender Pay and Equal Pay – October 2017. In his review, Sir Patrick Elias said: “The conclusion in the report that there is no systemic discrimination against women in the BBC’s pay arrangements for these staff is, in my judgment, amply borne out by the statistical evidence and is further supported by the analysis of particular cases carried out by Eversheds.”. BBC director general, Tony Hall, says he is committed to closing the gender pay gap at the BBC by 2020. Harry then asked: “How can you people justify the amount of money you are earning? “I take objection on behalf of these people who have had their names and their salaries exposed in this completely undignified way. pic.twitter.com/DIf6EPoBs2. The BBC commissioned the equal pay audit of its staff (broadly speaking those who are not senior managers, on air editors, presenters or correspondents) to determine whether there are any systemic issues in how it pays men and women. Vine replied: “To some extent Harry this is for the BBC to justify.”. French lockdown to ease after second peak passes, The cold reality of Covid cost will be laid bare. The BBC has also voluntarily audited its BAME pay gap which is significantly lower at 0.4 percent. The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between average hourly earnings for men and women. Conservative former minister Anna Soubry said it was “a disgrace” that the BBC was required to disclose salaries and she could not defend Tory policy on the issue. We have done a lot already, but we have more to do. The BBC’s Pay Gap Report includes the median gender pay gap for BBC Public Service Broadcasting which has fallen for the third year in a row to 6.2%. A separate review into the BBC’s approach to on-air presenters, editors and correspondents (who are engaged on a variety of different contracts) will conclude by the end of the year. She said: “From the anecdotal evidence that we have seen people are asking for their pay to be reduced because they are very conscious of how this looks to the public. First published on Wed 19 Jul 2017 07.53 BST. When the star salaries were published in July, it was revealed that 35% of those earning more than £150,000 a year were women. “The idea that a man should automatically be ‘the family breadwinner’ has long since ceased to be relevant. The BBC’s audited gender pay gap is 9.3 percent against a national average of 18.1. Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, said there was "a problem of unequal pay". Gerry Morrissey, head of Bectu, a trade union which represents some of the BBC's workforce, said: "The BBC must not rest on its laurels in respect of the overall gender pay gap. But Sir Patrick said there was no evidence of "systemic discrimination against women" at the BBC. Janice Aitken said she is not surprised about the gender pay gap at the BBC. In a series of statements published on his Twitter account he said: “This is just another example of the champagne socialism which permeates many public sector organisations and is yet another reason whey the unfair licence fee ought to be abolished and the BBC made to earn its money rather than it be gifted to it from those who often cannot pay.”, Red faces and fat wallets at the BBC! Jeremy Vine sounded defensive when he was challenged about his £700,000 plus salary by a former coal miner during a phone-in on Vine’s Radio 2 show. She said she was aware of "a significant amount of cases" where women say they're being paid less for doing the same or similar work. Vine, the fourth highest earner on the list said: “I don’t even want to answer that, because I feel like it is not the moment for me...”. The audit has been overseen by Sir Patrick Elias (a former Court of Appeal judge) and conducted by consultancy firm PwC and legal firm Eversheds. The BBC is publishing its report six months earlier than required. He told them: “We are the ultimate public company and therefore I think that it is probably, on balance, right and proper if people know what we get paid.”. “So the BBC should be ashamed of themselves, they should never have agreed to this, it shouldn’t have been done.”.

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