Know how to answer this when the HR traps you with it! It encourages workers to behave and perform better. Include summaries associated with your benefits package in your handbook, including paid vacations, 401(K), health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid parental leave, and college reimbursement programs.You should also include other fun perks you offer employees, such as company picnics, retreats, bring your child to work events, or company luncheons. In most states, winning an unemployment claim requires proof that the worker was given notice of a certain rule of policy and had been warned that violating it may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. This clearly maps out who’s who, starting from the top to the very bottom. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on HR news, read in-depth insights on HR trends or find new ideas on strategy, innovation, and leadership, The HR Digest Magazine is here to suit your needs and help you stay more informed. A great employee handbook outlines for workers how they should behave and perform and what will happen if they fail to meet the desired expectations. This is also where you should include rules regarding safety. If you don’t solve the skills riddle with agility, curiosity, and smart technology capabilities, your organization could fade from exi... One of the primary benefits of an employee handbook is that it provides the information needed to make a positive first impression on the new worker. The Big Shift: Demand for Future Work Skills in 2021, 5 Essential Expat Tips from Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’, A Guide to Managing Your Emotions at Work. The consistency of the handbook is instrumental in preventing possible lawsuits. Learning about a company’s stories, missions, and core values can increase employee engagement and loyalty. For more information about employee handbooks or other HR solutions, contact us today at or 630.928.0510. In addition, it also gives an overview of the expectations of management. 5 Tips to Help You Keep Remote Employees Engaged, How to Approach Gender Identity in the Workplace. In addition, it sets expectations regarding professionalism and productivity in the workplace. The senior management team members are straight shooters and give me applicable, sound advice when it comes to the grey areas that arise in HR. Employee Handbook (also known as staff handbook, company policy manual or employee manual) is a document that contains a company’s operating procedures. New employees are usually provided with an employee handbook during the onboarding process. This sets the stage for a positive business relationship and lets team members know who they can go to with questions about their employment, rights, and work environment. 76-400 Employees Dear Jane, I’m facing discrimination at work, How to write an effective job posting and job descriptions, Shaping Lives, Inspiring Futures : An Interview With Tracy Keogh, Delivering More to Employees: An Interview with Shannon Bagley, Fostering A Culture of Excellence: An Interview With Mike Fenlon, Economic Impact Payments’ Status Check, And Where to Look, A Definitive Guide to Hiring During Economic Crisis. Your email address will not be published. Put simply, a handbook can protect your business, promote growth, and provide employees with a one-stop-shop for information. The employee handbook can be used to bring together key job-related information such as policies, working conditions, behavioral expectations that guide employee actions in a particular situation. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. If not, you’re not alone. Zoom Etiquette : 20 video call tips to help you put your best face forward! Required fields are marked *. A handbook can provide employees with a clear understanding of what they’re responsible for, including how to request time off, how to call in sick, and who to go to with questions about policies or procedures. A phone interview is a quick way to determine whether an applicant is suitable for the position. A solid benefits package can help you retain high-quality employees and prevent the side effects of high turnover. ii. Handbooks also eliminate the “he said, she said” argument. In order to operate efficiently and to provide the employees with what they need to know, employee handbooks require research and planning. Some statistics suggest that as many as three out of four small businesses don’t have an updated handbook. 5 Ways Your Employee Handbook Benefits Your Business, Tandem HR Helps Indiana Businesses Achieve Business Growth Despite a Pandemic, How (and When) to Contact Employees on Leave. providing clear communication with employees and assisting in the prevention of employee disputes, prevention of claims to an Employment … While they’re not legally required, providing employees with a handbook serves as simple yet detailed protection for employees and businesses alike. Feedback – What’s the Difference? It describes these benefits available effective January 1, 2020. She has enjoyed a 30-year career in the field of human resources and works as a HR consultant to small and medium businesses. Handbooks also promote healthy management-employee relationships. Receive a financial comparison between your current HR practices and our services. But if your employees are unaware of what’s offered, they could be under the false impression your benefits are lacking. Handbooks are usually divided into sections and contain information in such areas as new employee orientation, breaks and lunch, smoking, use of electronic devices, compensation, benefits, examples of forms, policies and procedures, and how-tos for such things as completing expense reports. Last of all, a well-structured employee handbook should act as a first line of defense in case of legal claims. To maximize employee handbook benefits, make sure updated handbooks are given to every new hire and that they sign a document stating they have read and understand the handbook. Welcome. The handbook should be written in clear language that is understood by all employees and the contents administered fairly and consistently across the board. Many companies recognize the need for ways to communicate with employees. Employee handbooks can act as a reference and a resource for questions employees may have. Your email address will not be published. Based in Dallas, Texas, Marcia Moore has been writing business-related materials since 1974. If all of the expectations, policies, and procedures are clearly defined for everyone, there may be fewer causes for law suits. Employee handbooks can act as a reference and a resource for questions employees may have. How to network during the COVID-19 pandemic? Using an employee handbook ensures that all employees are receiving the exact same information. It is designed to establish clear rules and policies that are expected to be followed and to protect the rights of the employer and the worker. You won’t have to worry about telling one employee one thing and a different employee something else. Unfortunately, lawsuits are a threat in every business, no matter its size or industry. Does your business have an employee handbook? Learn about the latest gig economy news and updates here at leading one of the leading HR magazines, The HR Digest. It acts not just as an instruction manual on how to manage workplace conflict, but also a framework for managers to follow. Make sure you talk about why your company matters, and why your new hire should be excited now that they are apart of it. Employee handbooks provide information to all employees regarding policies and procedures. An employee handbook is usually delivered to a worker upon their first day of work. One of the primary benefits of an employee handbook is that it provides the information needed to make a positive first impression on the new worker. A well drafted employee handbook will document in writing what the company expects of the employee and what the employee can expect in return. Feedforward vs. Moore holds a Master of Science in social work from the University of Texas in Arlington. If yours should face a lawsuit or discrimination claim one day from a current or former employee, your handbook could play an influential role in the final outcome. We believe a customized solution, that can grow as you evolve, will give your business a competitive edge. 1. By outlining all policies and expectations on both sides of the fence, confusion and inconsistencies are essentially minimized in the workplace. Visit the Archives section for health and insurance benefits available prior to January 1, 2020.

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