Do not add enough water to dissolve the salt! This corresponds to 60-70% relative humidity. Also, cellophaned cigars are easier to take “on the road” or send to friends. Some people would totally flip out, but I leave GREAT cigars just laying around all the time. Do you leave them say in the box and place on the wine rack or store in the cellar in a humidor. ©1997-2015, Inc. All Rights Reserved - 2589 Eric Lane, Burlington NC 27215. During the stick period the amount of ammoniac smell is at its highest. It delivered a magnificent profile of cedar, leather, and raisins with a delicate spice that lacked nothing in the way of complexity. It serves three functions: If you do not like this flavor note, do not hesitate to forego the Spanish Cedar lining; it is not essential. If you can not afford to spend that much, and are not extremely humidor savvy, my advice is to not buy one until you can afford one. For best results, your humidor should have consistent conditions, meaning, you have good air flow, an average temperature of 70-degrees, and an average humidity of 68%. Sadly, many hygrometers, both mechanical and electronic, are grossly inaccurate and require either adjustment or replacement. Typically, bloom will cover all the air-exposed sides of a cigar beginning in spots but eventually evenly, whereas mold will typically begin growing on just one part and spread from there. This is definitely something you won’t hear in any Humidor Maintenance 101 courses. If you’re like a lot of cigar lovers, you age your cigars by accident. Especially Cubans. If the reading is grossly in error and you are unable to adjust it, I suggest you replace it. Otherwise, you can make the case for a lot of cigars that are outstanding right out of the box, or have only a short amount of post-factory aging time on them. I would advise purchasing a boveda pack as they don’t require any maintenance. We’re constantly battling those unwanted ammonias in our cigars with extended aging. There are special steps involved with cigar aging that you won’t use for basic storage, so it’s imperative you use a special humidor or wineador for cigar aging (cigar coolidors are not the best choice here). When the relative humidity is over 70%, it absorbs water. More importantly, always keep your humidor out of the sunlight – being bathed in the sun’s rays drastically escalates the internal temperature within the box. **I’am an Experienced smoker for decades at 65RH and sometimes 76degree temp and never have had ANY ISSUES…NONE Best wishes keep enjoying your cigars.JR KEEP UP THE GOOD will always have customers because of your business practices and willingness to help your consumers. Try to maintain this volume of cigars at all times if possible. Personally, I really prefer my smokes a bit dry rather than wet. High humidity greatly increases your chance of mold. Although it will slow down the process of their aging, it will do no harm to store them at cooler temperatures. Take the entire humidor and place it in a large plastic trash bag, squeeze out the excess air, and seal for a few days. If it is okay now, odds are your humidor has some sort seal problem, which can be discovered utilizing the flashlight trick mentioned above. Completely rinse out your humidifier with distilled water and completely dry it out. I don't know the names of brands for humidification or temp systems, but they have to do the basics -- control both. Or, you only smoke very occasionally and when you purchase a full box, the cigars will rest for a long time before you smoke them all. Open- air space inside a humidor is your enemy. It’s a common practice to write on the cellophane when each cigar was purchased – we recommend not using cello. With time, you will learn what you like – some people prefer their smokes moister while others like them drier.

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