To save a few bucks on it, try searching up a used Clarksdale on Reverb. As mentioned, you can find it perched atop our best overdrive pedals post where it (arguably) belongs. If you’ve already got a booster you love and don’t have room on your board for the larger footprint, EQD also offer this to give you much of the same functionality in a smaller package. Like EarthQuaker, Brian Wampler was overrun with requests to do his take on the Tube Screamer. The noise gate was very noticeable especially if you let a note ring out it would clamp down in a slow robotic way that was a bit weird. The second reason it’s great is that it sounds awesome. Stevie Ray Vaughan played a live show at the El Mocambo that has become one of his classic DVDs. The Wampler Clarksdale is a great sounding Tube Screamer influenced pedal that is made in the USA. For heavy players, it provides focus into the front of a driving amp, which can really help to step in front of the mix for solos or key passages. The only small flaw in the design is the battery cover. One clear advantage of the Wampler Clarksdale over the original Tube Screamer is it features a three-band EQ. This is what you’d get if you set the Clarksdale to Big and never changed it again. The Ibanez Tube Screamer is a clone! ← 9 Effects Pedals Tone Tricks that ACTUALLY Work! They can break really, really, easily. I could never get it to turn off and this might become a distraction if you’re playing on your own at home. I have extensive experience playing live as well as in a home studio situation. The main culprit is their potentiometers. The switch is a standard clicky true bypass, but it’s in a pedalboard-friendly MXR-sized enclosure. The Delta Lab TO1 has been discontinued but if you keep a look out online you should be able to find one for a bargain. JustNickMusic has a good demo of the Dunes. If you don’t want nine versions, but are interested in what JHS makes of a Tube Screamer, you could also consider the Moonshine, which lets you mix in your clean signal. The buffer the original units tended to help more than it hurt, so most people don't mind. The EHX East River drive is a straight up Tube Screamer clone with one difference: The build quality is not as good. These are associated with plenty of different music styles including rock, indie and ... 2. Maxon allowed Ibanez to repackage their OD808 in a different enclosure. There’s a number of reasons why this is copied so much. Watch Andy Martin play the Pro Version or the Tour Version to help you decide. Please note: Not all links on this website are affiliate links. There’s a lot more gain on tap in this pedal than your average 808, and with the active EQ, plenty of room for finding your voice. Now to be fair, Ibanez made various Tube Screamer but because it’s a clone, I am only mentioning this one once on the list. Boss SD-1 (Budget Pick!) If a plastic coke bottle can last 90 years then a hardened plastic pedal will be fine. Peter the engineer does drop tests from drones to ensure the designs will stand the test of time. 3. 1. Then the TS808, TS9, MSL Metal Screamer, TS10, Exar OD-1 (a Polish variant), TS7, Keeley Mod Plus, and the JHS Strong Mod. Another interesting feature of this pedal is it has a “clean blend” gain control. 10 Best Overdrive Pedals For Metal In 2020 (With Demos) 1. The last of these dials in the lower-mids and treble at the same time. The Double Trouble was a Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired dual Tubescreamer pedal that allowed you to stack or use two Tube Screamer in one box. I still have it in my collection 9 years later and it is working amazingly. They're definitely worth considering if nothing on this list appeals to you. The Behringer might not be the prettiest pedal on the list but if you can find them for a good price it’s a good deal. If you love their stuff and want a Tube Screamer it’s a great choice. Spectrum is tone, of which there is just more in comparison to the 808 from which it derives. Prymaxe has a lengthy demo of the East River Drive. There’s nothing to stop you changing them to something else if you want the pedal to look cool, but it works and sounds great. Something so ubiquitous could never be left alone. To be totally fair, most of them are pricier than the current-generation TS9 or Tube Screamer Mini. That said, they say it’s “lower gain and less strident than Stevie’s pedal,” so make of that conclusion what you will. First is the OD-1, which is actually a Boss circuit from 1977. This is probably a pretty close approximation of the 80s TS808s, with a lower gain range and a pronounced bass roll-off and no expanded EQ set to offset that. The history of the Ibanez Tube Screamer — which we naturally included among our best overdrive pedals — is not quite as twisting as that of the Big Muff, but has its fair share of intrigue. The guitar is a midrange-focused instrument, so it works naturally with the sound it makes, thereby serving as a very sweet, natural-sounding enhancer. I’ve spoken about Chelle effects pedals a number of times in the past on videos. Living Room Gear Demos plugs a Tele into this and then into a Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial for a great demo. I may have to pull the trigger on this one soon and give it a run. This is still a very nice pedal covering the … Not the overall tone, of course, I mean the tone control. Just get whichever is cheapest for you in your area. This is the same exact pedal as the Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal. J. Rockett’s take on the TS circuit expands the control set and the gain range. 3. In our best boost & overdrive combo pedals post, we included the big brother to this pick, the Palisades. In terms of the Caline pedals, the Midlander is essential for blues and classic rock players looking for that iconic sound. This is a budget-friendly overdrive pedal that is built like an absolute tank. It belongs on this list simply because it makes a TS-type pedal available to virtually anyone. See a comparison of the BD-2 and the BD-2w on Andertons TV. In the live mix, it’s really handy having a noise gate as it will cut out the noise of the guitar at idle. Maxon changed up the design with the OD-820. While my experience with the Visual Sound Double Trouble wasn’t perfect, it was an awesome pedal to use live and if you’re looking for a dual Tubescreamer setup it’s a monster. It’s a faithful take meant to improve the circuit in ways other than strictly functional. In terms of sound, the Maxon Overdrive OD-820 Overdrive Pro has a very transparent sound and also has more headroom in terms of volume and the overall body of sound. It also looks pretty nice, too. Most people think the TS9 is the original, but it is not. It takes everything you love about the Maxon OD808 and makes it sound better. There’s a Normal/Bright switch that selects between full fat and chimer EQ curves. The OD-820 is built with the “Klon” in mind. One of the most unique things about this Tube Screamer clone from JHS is the 9-way selection pot. Primarily based around the TS808, the Dunes offers three switches in addition to the standard-issue TS Tone, Volume, and Gain knobs. This pedal replicates all 9 unique Tube Screamer tones found throughout the years. Overall, the Maxon OD-820 wins the category for best Tube Screamer overdrive pedal by a country mile. If you throw your gear around a bit or if you are a bit clumsy, then I would suggest going for another brand. This will easily do the regular vintage overdrive tones we’ve all come to love, but it will also do a whole lot more. I am a huge fan of the Chellee pedals and I suggest giving them a look if you’re into the USA made effects that are built to last. This is a bit of an interesting one. The only difference is the brand name. If you’re on the fence about which budget pedal to buy, check out my Caline article. Like the Big Muff, there are versions and variants worth knowing about. Soulhenge offers an extensive walkthrough and a demo based around metal tones. There is literally nothing to say about it other than its one of TC Electronic’s most affordable overdrive pedals to date. I wrote a full article about Caline pedals and why I think they are worth checking out. It might sound shallow but I love the East River graphic design on this pedal. 14 Best Tube Screamer Clone Pedals: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. I got a tip from John Mayer about this one. If you have the gain control under 10 O’clock, it won’t add any gain into the circuit. I don’t blame people for thinking that the Tube Screamer was the original. The first reason why it’s a great pedal is the price. Love the mid-pushed, lightly distorted sound of the Tube Screamer but want something more? Visual Sound changed their name a few years ago to True Tone and production ceased on this beauty. And, more often than not, they’ve been used to push an already overdriven amp — such as the iconic Marshall 2203 JCM800 tube head … If you’re a player who loves this famous mid-boosting overdrive, this is just about the end-all, be-all. Pickup wizard Seymour Duncan also offers a number of relatively undersung yet excellent pedals.

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