Her final words were a plea of vengeance against those who brought this tragedy upon Kahndaq. He soon betrayed them so the JSA could defeat them. Adam felt relieved that his legacy would continue through Marvel, and thought highly of his future counterpart. Black Adam was the previous chosen champion of the wizard Shazam, but he proved to be wicked and was banished/imprisoned/otherwise neutralized. When Teth-Adam/Theo Adam says the magic word "Shazam," he is transformed into Black Adam and granted the following powers derived from the ancient Egyptian gods: Additionally, Adam's senses are acutely sharpened, as he claimed to be able to smell Felix Faust's sweat. In 52 Week 23, Black Adam and Isis, with the assistance of the Question and Renee Montoya, find Isis's brother Amon. Black Adam's quest to gain his powers back between the events of 52 and Countdown was depicted in a six-issue miniseries entitled Black Adam: The Dark Age, published from late 2007 to early 2008. The Monster Society of Evil. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Black Adam challenged the Outsider, who used technology to summon the magic lightning to change him back to Teth-Adam. Flash meets Black Adam in the past, where he has been sent due to the great speed he traveled, and again uses his speed, this time to return to his own time. Adam has secretly taken up residence in the abandoned Khandaq embassy in Gotham City. Just as the Marvel/Shazam Family drew their superpowers from the Greco-Roman pantheon of deities and demigods, Adam drew his from the Ancient Egyptian gods. The Infinite Crisis limited series centers around Alexander Luthor's plan to restore the Multiverse. After Adam was de-powered, Marvel also changed Adam's magic word with his abilities as the new guardian of the Rock of Eternity, keeping it secret to prevent him from ever regaining his powers. He engages in more beneficial activities, like a charity dinner with the Sivanas. Isis then kills several of the followers, claiming that they are tainted by this new Earth. Since his introduction and transition into the modern era, Adam has been redefined as more of a nuanced antihero, with his own moral code and struggling to achieve a sense of redemption, an iteration which will inform a planned cinematic adaptation starring Dwayne Johnson. He then destroys the machine so it cannot be used against him, much to Sivana's annoyance. Sometime later, a shadowy figure appears in a bolt of lightning, gloating that Shazam has given him new champions to play with. When Black Adam utters the magic word, he not only gains his usual powers, but all of his original powers are greater in strength because of the extra power he gains from Isis. : The Return of Black Adam, "Comics History 101: Everything You Need to Know About Black Adam - IGN.com", https://web.archive.org/web/20171201031933/https://moviepilot.com/posts/3807678, "Dwayne Johnson Teases "Anti-Hero" Role in 'Shazam, "Dwayne Johnson to Play Black Adam in New Line's 'Shazam,' Darren Lemke To Script (EXCLUSIVE)", "Dwayne Johnson's DC Villain Black Adam Getting His Own Movie", "Jaume Collet-Serra Eyed to Direct DC's 'Black Adam' Starring Dwayne Johnson", "Exclusive: Jaume Collet-Serra In Talks to Direct Dwayne Johnson's 'Black Adam, "Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Says Shazam Spin-Off Will Shoot In Summer 2020", "@therock on Instagram: "The Man in Black ⚡️ Like most kids growing up, I dreamed about being a superhero. He then tracked the First of the Horsemen, Death (Azeuz) to the nation of Bialya and engaged in a massive battle with him. Black Adam left the JSA after Kobra was allowed to live. Needing a member of the Marvel Family to power the apparatus he has designed to recreate the alternate Earths of the Multiverse, Luthor has the Society betray and capture Black Adam. Faust blames Black Adam for using Isis' power too much, and distraught, Black Adam flies away, ending up in the Kahndaq embassy in Gotham City. Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, the character is one of the archenemies of the superhero Captain Marvel and the nemesis of the Marvel Family. [7], Black Adam reveals himself to Captain Marvel as the Batsons' killer, and the two battle. But instead of giving Black Adam his power, he shares it with his foster siblings, empowering them as "Shazams", as well. However, Faust warns Adam to use his powers only when absolutely necessary, lest Adam drain all of Isis's remaining power and make her resurrection impossible. He kills them both, one by striking him with lightning and one by flying him up into the thermosphere, after getting information from them. Adam refuses to be taken into custody for the destruction of Bialya, despite the requests of Atom-Smasher, once more flying off to seek revenge for the death of his family. He departs in his mortal form after she frees him from a wall that has toppled on him. He shows him the Rock of Eternity where Sorrow has turned Shazam to stone with his cursed face that usually kills those that see him, also making contact with the Spectre, who provides them with additional information. He has recently acquired the power of the goddess Isis, making him stronger than ever. [45], In the Arrow tie-in comic, Season 2.5, Khem-Adam is a former Kahndaq soldier and a leader of extremist group called Onslaught who wants to save a country from foreign influence. After fighting and defeating the Marvel Family, the Global Guardians, the Doom Patrol, and the Teen Titans, resulting in the deaths of Young Frankenstein and Terra, Adam's path of destruction eventually moves through China. The Chinese government issued a proclamation that no other country was to interfere in China’s affairs, even on their own behalf. Adam is taken to Nanda Parbat (the League of Assassins' headquarters) and is presumably executed by the ex-Onslaught prisoner turned League member Mesi Natifah. Years later Rameses II's tomb was excavated by the Batsons' under the orders of the Sivana Federation. This spell seems to be solely vocal; he cannot access this spell if he is gagged or hampered in some way from talking. Thinking that he can surely relate and connect with another boy who has suffered like he has, Billy (without hearing the rest of the tale) rushes to Black Adam and tries to reason with him. Adam is currently wanted by various earth governments for crimes against humanity. Black Adam arrives and the two battle until subdued by Isis and the Marvels. Together, they fight Black Adam and the "host" that the seven sins have inhabited. In terms of the wizard’s current champion, nowadays also called Shazam (previously Captain Marvel), Black Adam is his predecessor and evil counterpart. [17] Dr. Sivana later uses his new-found magic eye inside of some ruins to read a magically hidden hieroglyph that makes the wall explode, releasing Black Adam from his tomb. RELATED: Superboy-Prime Vs. the Robin King: Who Is DC's WORST Young Tyrant? After some convincing, he does so, but because he has been alive for centuries due only to his "Black Adam form", as a normal human he quickly ages and turns to dust. Despite being defeated, they escape. They help the Marvels beat the demonic Sabbac using their lightning strike on Halloween when he tries to sacrifice children to the demon Neron while several stories high. It is revealed that the bones that Faust showed to Black Adam belonged to Ralph Dibny, and Faust resurrects Isis successfully. [34] After C.C. Batson and Mary Bromfield that affected their fight with Black Adam and the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Faust, in order to gain freedom, joins forces with Adam and helps him cast a spell to transfer residual magic from Isis's bones to him to allow him to transform into Black Adam. Several other JSA members are shown to be skeptical of Adam's reformation; primary among them is the Atom Smasher, who later becomes Adam's close friend after Adam sympathizes with his decision to kill the near-immortal Extant to save his mother. Adam was part of the group that set a trap for Uncle Sam and the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Adam is subdued by enemy forces.

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