To Release Popsciles from mold: run exterior of the molds (not the top but the plastic cavities) under hot water for a few seconds to relase the popsicles. I love these! It’s light and refreshing in the most fabulous shade of bright blue! It will help you to beat the heat and keep you cool. TIP: adding them in a 4-cup liquid measuring cup helps easily pour into mold (alternatively smaller quantities can be poured from a smaller volume liquid measuring cup). So excited to have this again this summer! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. This recipe is an easy one to make into a fun mocktail (Shark Week, anyone?!). The recipe below was concocted using blue … These were so easy and so fun to make! Run hot water for a few seconds on the outside of the mold to release pops! Run a finger over the area of the mold where the popsicle stick slots are to identify their location. Using a 2.5 ounce/cavity popsicle mold, 0.5 ounce of blue curacao is poured into each mold. Welcome! Would you be surprised to learn the flavor of blue curacao is orange? NOTE: to maintain equal volume of liquor for best freezing, pouring the blue curacao into the molds versus mixing it with the other liquids is recommended. It famously colors iconic cocktails like the Blue Hawaiian but would be used where Triple Sec or Grand Marnier would be in a cocktail. Your email address will not be published. Like the cocktail, it combines blue curacao and lemonade. Home » Recipes » Popsicles » Cocktail Popsicles » Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicles (& mocktail version), LAST UPDATED: July 25, 2019 • FIRST PUBLISHED: June 5, 2019 By Toni Dash - 33 Comments. This post may include affiliate links. I was surprised that it was so easy to make. 5 Secrets to Make Every Meal a Breeze Who says popsicles are just for kids? This helps keep the sticks upright and in place while freezing. Tip: applying a layer of foil over the top of the mold or lid of the mold allows placement of wooden sticks and they will not float out of the mold (refer to photos above). However instead of vodka I’ve added more ‘blue’ in Hawaiian Punch. Seasonal Recipes. This classic and sensational Blue Lemonade Non Alcoholic Mocktail is an appropriate drink to celebrate any occasion. Mocktail option included in the instructions. They are light and easy to make! I started making cocktail popsicles a few summers ago and find them to be a refreshing way to eat your cocktail all summer long. I keep them stocked in my freezer all summer long. Blue Lagoon MOCKTAIL Popsicle. How to Make Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicle – Step by Step: Using a 2.5 ounce/cavity popsicle mold, 0.5 ounce of blue curacao … With boozy popsicles, more isn’t better when it comes to the liquor. Her seasonal recipes bring excitement to the dining table for both gluten-free and gluten diners. My kiddos love these and they’re so easy to make. So fun! Add 1 Swedish Fish to each mold if desired. Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicles (& mocktail version), blue lagoon cocktail, blue lagoon popsicles, blue popsicles, Hawaiian Punch 'Polar Blast' flavor (blue), alternatively Gatorade 'Frost Glacier Freeze' flavor may be substituted. I’m Toni. All my pool guests love these! She has been developing easy to make, well-tested recipes since 2010. Citrus Blue has a tangy, sweet-bitter flavor of oranges and sweet lime. The refreshing citrus punch boozy popsicles will be a summer favorite for the color AND the flavor. So super cute! Subscribe to email updates to get your FREE recipe ebook!! Cranberry Salsa: an Easy Holiday Appetizer You’ll Love! I made these last summer and they’ll be on our 4th of July menu! Because alcohol does not freeze in the same way other water-based liquids do, to ensure solid freezing of boozy popsicles the percentage of liquor is smaller. A sweet as summer cocktail that has the refreshing taste because of the limes, an aromatic flavor due to the mint, and the balanced sweetness of our Senior's Blue … Today I am sharing 2 of the most delicious and hydrating non-alcoholic drink Recipes – Citrus Blue Mocktails – made from Citrus Blue Syrup / Blue Curacao Syrup. This time we decided to deconstruct the Blue Mojito and construct it again in our own way. For more details, check out her About page. best family beach vacations on the east coast, OXO Small Angled Measuring Cup (2-ounces), 10 cavity 2.5 ounce/popsicle Popsicle Mold, Refreshing Blue Margarita + Mocktail option, The Dogs of Boulder Locavore and the American Kennel Club, Pork Tenderloin in Mustard Caper Cream Sauce, Ultimate Burger Grill Guide: How to Grill the Perfect Burger, How to Make Moist Homemade Shredded Chicken Breast Recipe, Instant Pot Smoked Paprika & Garlic Chicken Legs, Homemade Tomato Soup: an Easy Fresh Recipe, Instant Pot Jambalaya Recipe: Quick & Easy Comfort Food, Quiche Lorraine: A Classic Cheesy Bacon Quiche. Cut out the complicated! Pour 1/2 ounce of Blue Curacao into each popsicle mold. What a better way than with Blue Lagoon Cocktail popsicles (with a mocktail version too!). Blue Hawaiian Mocktail. Balsamic Roasted Fall Vegetables with Sumac. PRO TIP: Place a sheet of heavy foil over the top of the mold. Omit the Blue Curacao and use 2.5 ounces of lemonade/Hawaiian Punch. Total Time reflects an estimated 4 hours for freezing. Blue Curacao (pronounced ‘cure-a-sow’) is a liqueur made from the dried peels of lahara, a native orange to the island of Curacao off the eastern coast of South America. There are many variations; I have made these Mocktails … Mocktail version included. Remove the blue curacao from the recipe and ½ ounce more lemonade or Hawaiian Punch instead. It has a light orange flavor. This recipe is an easy one to make into a fun mocktail (Shark Week, anyone?!). Learn my tips, recipes, and strategies for making mealtime easy. Use a knife to pierce through the hole and then insert the popsicle sticks. It has a vintage vibe and holds a good size popsicle too. Travel. Combine the lemonade and Hawaiian Punch together; stir to combine. They are perfect for sitting by the pool! A red Swedish Fish has been added to the cocktail popsicles for a fun surprise too. Add a Swedish fish if desired. Everyone loved them! It contained light rum, vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and sweet & sour mix. My goal is to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER with well-tested recipes and travel tips!

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