. It would involve resetting the entire Western canon to start with it. It boasts a vast and varied geographic expanse, 3,600 years of written history, as well as a rich and profound culture. One evening, the newly-empowered Nazi party ransacked her house, removing or destroying everything inside. Photo: Jaroslav Moravcik/Shutterstock. In other words, finding this lost comedy wouldn’t just give us a new book by one of history’s greatest authors. Although the entire first half and a new ending still exist, the picture that could have been the greatest movie ever made is gone. The author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was obsessed with diary-keeping. In 1589, fellow-playwright Thomas Nashe wrote a scathing attack on Hamlet, dismissing it as terrible. Cruise around auction sites for half an hour and you can find cigarette butts smoked by Elvis, hairs stolen from Marilyn Monroe’s brush, and tissues some actor once blew their … As to their worth: In 2001, a single hurried sketch by da Vinci sold in Britain for £8 million. The From Hell Letter is a badly-spelled note that Jack the Ripper may have sent to London police in 1888. But a full, accurate copy of what was really said that night? Finding it would allow us to see how much Shakespeare copied or incorporated into his own version. Yet we’re still missing some of Kafka’s most important correspondence: 35 love letters he exchanged with Dora Diamant just before he died. All we know is that it was in the finished 1092 version and disappeared sometime before the 16th century. Arriving in a box that also contained half a human kidney, it’s considered to possibly be the only authentic communication from history’s most notorious serial killer. Things so culturally important the tag “priceless” is almost an undervaluation. And since the Iliad is now routinely called the “first great book” and the first work of Western literature, that means the honor should instead have gone to the missing Margites. No copy is thought to exist and no further evidence will likely ever be found. He avoids Facebook and Twitter like the plague. Music and Dancing in Puerto Rico. Archaeologists found the figurine in 1908, about a week into excavations at Willendorf II, an Austrian site along the Danube River, roughly 50 miles from Vienna. Towards the end of his life, Gogol met a spiritual adviser known as Father Matthew. Among the many incredible artifacts recovered at the site, archaeologists found a segment of knotted strings known as a quipu. Each entry is thorough and illuminating, and together, the entries are vital to understanding aspects of his work. 10 Heartwarming Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity, 10 Species Humanity Saved From Extinction, 5 Frightening Facts About The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Top 10 Ways Coronavirus Will Change Your Life Forever, Top 10 Movies That Changed Film-Making Forever, Top 10 Fascinating Examples Of Cultural Body Modification, Top 10 Artifacts Made Public For The First Time, Top 10 Artifacts Found By Civilians During Ordinary…, 10 Times Small Artifacts Surprised Archaeologists, Top 10 Low Tech Solutions To High Tech Problems, Top 10 Captivating Tales Surrounding Famous Landmarks, Top Common Misconceptions About Volcano Eruptions, Top 10 Ways Different Countries Give Thanks – 2020, Top 10 Blunders That Will Go Down In History – 2020, Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Peru – 2020, Top 10 Insane Moments In Rock History – 2020, Top 10 Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Earth – 2020, tissues some actor once blew their nose in, every single line he wrote to be so valuable, 10 Comic Book Moments That Drew Unwanted Controversy. Time magazine commissioned Warhol, the godfather of the Pop Art movement and ultimate arbiter of celebrity culture, to create a silk-screen … If it did, we could authenticate the letter itself. Who removed it? You’ve heard of Hamlet. People have always been fascinated by history and its mysteries, and our subject for today is the 10 most famous artifacts from the Ancient World.These unique objects can be … The Bayeux Tapestry is a medieval work of art depicting the Norman Conquest of England. Only one-fifth are known to survive. Looking for a new project, he turned his attention to a prize-winning but nearly forgotten novel called The Magnificent Ambersons. He promptly produced a masterpiece that modern critics have called better than Kane. The Quipu of Caral (3,000 BC, Peru) The Sacred City of Caral is a 5,000-year-old metropolis which represents the oldest known civilization in the Americas, known as the Norte Chico. And at some point, the police managed to lose both it and the kidney it came with. Secondly, it’s always possible some trace may have been left on the paper, potentially allowing us to finally solve the Whitechapel murders. The disc is believed to have its … Since Kane was actually a box office failure, the RKO bosses decided Welles didn’t know how to direct a picture. Considering the gems we’ve uncovered in these fragments, it’s impossible to imagine what world-changing ideas might be in the rest. Nonexistent. We also have the odd chunk that someone at the meeting jotted down. The artifact, long held at a Southampton County courthouse, passed to descendants of Lavinia Francis, who survived when her slaveholding family was killed during the insurrection. Sadly, the diary from this period is missing, the pages destroyed by a descendent of Carroll’s. A granodiorite stele that dates to 196 BCE, the Rosetta Stone may be the single most influential Egyptological discovery in history. So when he presented them with his moving, 132-minute elegy to the America of his youth, they got the knives out and hacked the film to shreds. The Rosetta Stone . Despite this collector’s impulse though, we’ve still managed to lose some pretty big things. While Welles was shooting footage for another picture in South America, over 40 minutes were removed from Ambersons and quietly dumped at sea. Possibly the most famous play by Shakespeare, it’s the pinnacle of English storytelling, a text school kids will still be studying 500 years from now. . In some cases it is with a television show or a movie franchise. And no copy of it is known to exist. It’s now thought they were almost certainly destroyed by the Nazis, although some think they were held until the late 80s in a Soviet archive following World War II.

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