Many of these salad greens are also easy to grow yourself; for seeds and seedlings, consult your local gardening supply shop or an online source such as Burpee. If grown for babyleaf it can be sown into small containers or even windowboxes. Mustard greens are native to the Himalayan region of India, and have grown in the wild as well as in cultivated gardens for over 5,000 years. © 2020 Condé Nast. Adequate spacing is most important when growing plants to full size. A prime example of a crisphead is iceberg lettuce: its round head is made up of tightly packed, crunchy leaves. Choose from diverse colors — light to dark green, purple, red, or variegated — and textures — smooth, frilly, or serrated leaves. The Green Frill variety is a relatively new hybrid that was most likely developed in Japan in the late 90’s. The bright coloring makes it stand out. The attractive and sweet leaves are fringed, finely serrated when young, then look more like mizuna when mature, with the tangy flavour of gourmet mustard. The purplish-red veins are visually striking and can dress up any salad. For a fall harvest, begin planting greens seeds mid-summer. How to use it: This tender green is best reserved for special occasion salads. Simply put, plants make their own anti-freeze. The texture is similar to that of baby spinach, and one can be swapped for the other. Not too long ago, some of these greens were deemed fancy or hard-to-find, but they have made their way into the mainstream and can now be found at local grocery stores and farmers markets. Because of the small size of the leaves, trying to create a whole salad with a base of mâche can be expensive. How to use it: The tender leaves of butter lettuce work best in delicate salads, but their broad, flexible leaves can also be used as a wrap. Characteristics: Although Little Gem lettuce resembles baby romaine, it's actually a full grown variety. 2 tbsps dry vermouth. Please still expect the processing days listed in the header during this crisis. We will be closed for annual holidays until to Friday 4th December. Whether you're using them raw or cooked, though, different types of lettuce can add quite a bit of texture and flavor to whatever you're making. Be sure to wash all forms of cress thoroughly, since they often grow in sandy ground. Culinary Uses: 4 tbsps butter (plus more to grease baking pan) 2 eggs. How to use it: The tight curls of coral lettuce are adept at trapping dressing. The unique oval shape, soft, satiny texture, and slight bitterness all mean it's a great addition to any salad. The plants will grow to around 30 to 45cm (12 to 18in) tall. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. 1. At first bite, we both stopped mid-chew and looked at each other wide-eyed. The leaves and stems are a uniform light green color and its mild spicy flavor is delicious. Neon green, deeply cut and serrated leaves add loft, contrast and spicy mustard flavor to signature salad mixes. How to use it: Its small stature means the leaves are ready to be tossed whole into a salad. How to use it: For lovers of bitter lettuce, this essential chicory is crisp and velvety when eaten raw. Ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed mustard seed as a paste and powder. Remove any large stems from the greens and wash them thoroughly. Characteristics: They have a mild flavor and are very pliable, despite the crunchy stem. Mizuna has a relatively strong, spicy flavor when compared to other salad greens, but its flavor won't overpower a dish. (See each variety for days to maturity). How to use it: This delicate, tender lettuce acts a great bed for other ingredients and won't compete with other flavors. salt and pepper. An autumn crop is often planted because mustard is frost-resistant and easily overwinters in temperate areas. The mix might contain any number of lettuce varieties, as well as baby spinach or other baby greens. General Information Keep well watered especially in summer. Golden Frill. Tatsoi (aka tat soi, spoon cabbage, rosette bok choy): The small, rounded leaves of this salad green have a mild, mustardlike flavor. Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, fun cooking videos, and, oh yeah, over 33,000 recipes. This is the lettuce originally used when the Caesar salad was created. Recipes will often suggest a touch of sugar or honey to sweeten the pot, but you may not need it if you’re lucky enough to harvest after a few nights of freezing weather. From a distance, one could mistake it for red leaf and green looseleaf lettuce, but a closer look will reveal differences in shape and texture: this type of lettuce has leaves that are a little shorter and more squat, and the tops of their leaves have a softer texture than their red leaf and green leaf counterparts. Sign up for our new weekly newsletter, ThePrep, for inspiration and support for all your meal plan struggles. Characteristics: These curled leaves tinged with yellow and green are slightly bitter in taste, have a crunchy stem, and add a lot of texture. And like the rest of the varieties recommended here,... 2. Tips: Keep the area weed free, especially when the greens are young. Harvesting: 20 days for babyleaf, 45 days to maturity Hot weather causes the plants to bolt and their greens to turn unpleasantly bitter. Frost Bites: A Sweeter Harvest of Winter Greens. The small jagged edges that make mizuna look like miniature oak leaves add a lot of texture. Use row covers to keep pests away and to grow pristine leaves. You have no items in your shopping basket. Want to get to know each type of salad green? Sold in bunches, mature watercress has a tough, fibrous stem and small green leaves (the stems of baby watercress are generally more tender). Cultivation: Here are the characteristics of a variety of popular types of lettuce: Puff Pastry Tart with Herbed Cheese and Arugula, Alternate names/varieties: Rocket, Italian cress, Mediterranean rocket, rugola, rugula, roquette, rucola.

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