And using apprenticeships to improve diversity in our workforce. As such, even the smallest improvements to fuel efficiency can lead to huge cost savings. According to a survey, half the aerospace workforce is over 45 years old, almost a quarter of staff are over 55 and for the largest employers, almost 20% of staff are eligible to retire, figures which highlight the urgent need to engage students and inspire them to consider a career in aviation. The 2018 Year of Engineering gave us a great opportunity to work with around 1,400 organisations from across the engineering sector – and beyond – to inspire a new generation of world class engineers. Aeronautical Engineering. Between a number of new orders coming in... As many manufacturers are looking for ways to boost profitability in these highly competit... Having once opted to outsource manufacturing to low-cost emerging nations for the purpose ... Copper is a well-known ally of humans when it comes to our health. For example, addressing the slow uptake of the apprenticeship levy. We’re investing more in infrastructure than at any time in living memory. And Stansted Airport College is inspiring thousands of young girls to consider a career in aviation. In this way, the professional will have the skills to design, control and test systems in the aerospace sector, act with development and evaluation of these systems, whether they are propulsion, mechanical, energy, among others. Through our ability to come together, agree strategies, and then put them into action. Electric vehicles: Look at the bigger picture! The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), an autarchy linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI), establishes partnerships with educational institutions for the development of space projects. Given the growing production of airplanes, the evidence suggests we’ll continuing playing a vital role in the aerospace sector for some time. You’ve accepted all cookies. Today, over a century since the Wright Brothers stunned the world with their successful flights, there are more aircraft in production than any year previously and the global aerospace market is expected to grow still further to be worth an estimated $350 billion in just over half a decade. That is the question. But my optimism is not merely based on the incentives that might attract talented youngsters to a career in aerospace engineering. I joined the knowledge of the mechatronics technical course with the possibilities I saw in the space area and this part of entrepreneurship ” , reveals Michelly. The process begins at primary school, and continues through to higher education. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. This may come as a big surprise to some but electric cars were first conceived in the earl... Dawson Shanahan, the world’s leading specialist in precision cold forming, will be showc... As engineers, we’re always interested in interesting innovations and ground-breaking pro... We are thrilled to announce that Dawson Shanahan sponsored local junior athlete Adele Nico... As a company that works with copper day in, day out, we understand its true value and bene... It’s been another good period for copper prices in the first half of 2015, with the cost... It’s been an exciting week of news and events here at Dawson Shanahan HQ. Southern California has played a significant role in shaping the nation’s aviation and aerospace industry. In addition, the career in Aerospace Engineering can be developed in the industrial, agribusiness, space and Defense sectors. As your Aviation Minister, my door is always open to you to provide support, and access to other government departments which also have a large stake in aerospace engineering and I look forward to building on the progress already made, getting more students to consider engineering as a profession and helping Britain’s future aerospace industry to mirror the huge achievements of the past. Team members at Dawson Shanahan have overcome their fear of heights, walked for miles and ... Dawson Shanahan welcomed as a member by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. As a result, the industry remains male dominated. Commercial airlines spend more than 25 percent of their operating expenses on fuel. The UK is currently in the midst of a skills gap crisis. The future of aerospace is wide open. It was only a matter of months ago that the UK engineering community was celebrating the i... Friday 21st April 2017 was a momentous day for the UK power sector. Casting and forging have been two of the most widely used methods for producing metal comp... Dawson Shanahan, a leading precision engineering specialist, has opened a dedicated appren... As we’re sure you know, it’s incredibly common for manufacturers to hand different par... Welshpool-based Dawson Shanahan and Newtown-based Makefast are both hugely successful awar... Two local apprentices from Welshpool-based engineering specialist Dawson Shanahan have won... Have you heard of ‘the second great electric vehicles extinction’? Designed to create world leading engineering capabilities in advanced UK manufacturing. Following a successful appearance in 2014, we’re pleased to announce that we w... Dawson Shanahan, the world’s leading specialist in precision cold forming and machining,... With the referendum on the UK staying in or leaving the European Union expected to take pl... It’s no secret that we love to bang on about precision cold forming. UCLA Samueli Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering presents. It’s a real pleasure to join you today (24 June 2019). As it has a multidisciplinary background, the profession of aerospace engineer makes it possible to work in different areas of engineering. The area of Aerospace Engineering deals, among other things, with the process of designing, creating, building and manufacturing any artifact that The drive for global sustainability is transforming our society, with the impact of change... Last week the Dawson Shanahan team, discussed the issues around low carbon vehicles at Cen... For nearly 5,000 years copper was the only metal known to man. September 2020 Magazine Edition: Has United Arab Emirate Won? Many of the same objectives also run through our new Aviation 2050 strategy, which we have just finished consulting industry on. To Flybe, which has partnered with Exeter University to support aircraft engineering degrees. I may not be the best judge for this as I am about to join ISRO right now. So there’s a great spread of opportunities for engineers. There are also opportunities for the entire supply chain. From companies like Rolls-Royce, which is a principal partner in a social media marketing campaign called This is Engineering, one of Rolls-Royce’s degree apprentices – Bethan – was featured in the online video series, which has received over 28 million views to date. Machine investment extends cold forming capabilities at Dawson Shanahan, Dawson Shanahan employees team up to make a big difference to local children’s hospice, Take five: fast, efficient and economical machining, Waste not, want not: precision cold forming versus conventional machining, Soaring demand urges wiser working with copper, Dawson Shanahan announced as newest SMMT member. Brazil invests more and more in space technologies, and needs qualified labor so that this exponential growth opens doors for specialized Brazilian professionals and with the impetus to collaborate in the country’s spatial autonomy. How the UK will win the EV manufacturing game, Dawson Shanahan to attend the Cenex-LCV 2019. The breadth of employers represented in this room today shows that the route to success lies through partnership. And to have this opportunity to address such an expert audience. Considered one of the most promising areas among the various types of engineering, Aerospace Engineering still suffers from the scarcity of professionals trained specifically in this course. The Brazilian Space Agency is an autarchy linked to the MCTI, responsible for formulating, coordinating and executing the Brazilian Space Policy. The pric... We’re delighted to have been selected as a finalist for the MWP Awards. This is designed to provide a firm foundation for their journey to employment, enabling them to consider the diverse range of roles across engineering. While demand for comfort, luxury aesthetics and good customer service are likely to remain at the core of the business strategies of airliners in the foreseeable future, manufacturers are focusing more closely on areas such as emissions and fuel efficiency. I believe the measures we are taking will enable the next generation of engineers to have the highest quality STEM education at school. It’s the day Wilbur and Orville Wright successfully made four brief flights at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina that would go down in history as the invention of the first airplane. 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