Depending what part of central Texas you’re in, they may need to be protected during hard freezes. Freezing is a serious issue.The Central Texas Agricultural Extension Service has identified certain fruit trees showing outstanding performance in Central Texas for several years. Spinach and … Lemons – The Improved Meyer Lemon is a tasty treat. It's best to prune your lemon tree from late winter to early spring, right after harvest. Robb is a member of  the knowledgeable nursery  team at The Natural Gardener. Nagami kumquats are oval and considered sour. Mix the fertilizer into the soil three times a year, some time in January or February, May or June and September or October. Delivered straight to your inbox every Thursday evening/ Friday morning, The Weekly Common tells you everything you need to know for the week ahead… and all in 20 minutes or less. This can be done by growing citrus in containers. Texas A&M University recommends keeping the 12-inch area adjacent to the tree free of weeds and lawn grass using either physical removal or chemical controls such as a systemic herbicide. Rio Red grapefruit– These grapefruit are the wonderful grapefruit you see in grocery stores and farmers markets. Grapefruits – A classic favorite at any meal in my book. Meyer or Valley Lemon (not a true lemon) Citrons; Many types of freeze injury will be seen in 2011 after hard freezes, from completely dead to only leaf damage. Regular potting soil works well, or you can make your own citrus potting mix by combining 1 part each clean sand, peat and pine bark. Make sure the soil is evenly watered and completely dried out before watering again. When watering, make sure water comes out of the bottom of the pot to avoid salt accumulation in the root zone. She is a proud "dog mom" of one black Labrador (Matilda’s Sir Buckaroo, aka Bucky). Once the soil ring has disintegrated, the lemon tree will be established, according to Texas A&M University, and will only need water every two weeks. Limes, Meyer or valley lemons, and citrons could suffer damage from temperatures in the mid-20s. We Think You'll Really Dig It. This is important because fruit is damaged at temperatures of 28 degrees Fahrenheit on all citrus. For best results, the university recommends choosing a plant 36 to 48 inches tall and with three or four side branches. Meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and an orange so they’re quite a bit bigger than a regular lemon. "The Backyard Orchardist: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home Garden"; Stella Otto"; 1995. Limes – All limes in Central Texas should be grown in containers, since they will not take any frost. For potted citrus, use a slow-release citrus food formulated for indoor plants. I’ve even made Meyer lemon jelly with the juice. How to Grow Lemon Trees in Texas. Pour the dressing over the salad when ready to serve. All Rights Reserved. Who needs butter when you have homemade Meyer lemon jelly? Morning sun and afternoon shade is best for growing these in our blazing hot summers. Texas covers U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9, and since lemons are among the least hardy citrus, most species cannot grow outdoors year-round except in southern Texas. Apply the fertilizer immediately before a watering session so the water will help carry the nutrients into the soil. Satsuma – The Satsuma is a seedless to nearly seedless citrus. This will cause the soil to settle, so fill-in any low places that appear. Mix the spinach leaves with the lettuce in a large bowl. The most cold-hardy ‘Arctic Frost’ survived 9 degrees F and the most cold-hardy ‘Orange Frost’ survived 12 degrees F. If you live in an area that’s prone to freezing, it’s best to grow these citrus trees in containers so you can move them to a protected area during periods of extreme cold. In Texas, the best time to start planting lemon trees is at the end of winter in February, according to Texas A&M University. Sign up to receive special offers, expert advice and tips to transform your yard into a landscape showplace! 10 at One way to help citrus plants survive cold temperatures is to be able to move them into protected areas like greenhouses, garages or even near a south-facing wall with radiant heat. make a great addition to southern gardens. Do not add any fertilizer or soil amendments. This is important to know because if your citrus tree is affected by frost or extreme heat and limited water, the scion can die and the root stock will begin to take over, producing a new tree with the unwanted traits. If you're happy with the size of the tree, simply remove the tree from the pot, prune off about one-quarter of the root system, and then re-pot it like a new tree. Nobody ever said gardening in Central Texas was going to be easy. The rind and flesh are edible and tasty to eat all at once. Don't buy lemons in the grocery store when you can raise them in your Texas backyard. Nearly every fruit tree sold today, including citrus, is grafted.

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