Philadelphia-area murals have spanned this diverse heritage, including three particularly important mural movements: Beaux-Arts ⇒ Read More, Where exactly North Philadelphia begins and ends is a matter of debate. That razing of nearly 1,000 homes left an eerie landscape of street grids with no structures. Whites in Strawberry Mansion – of all religious and ethnic groupings – comprised less than one-half of one percent of the community’s population. 1704; Chinatown Also known as China Town. Other subjects include bridges, churches, factories, fire engines and companies, hotels, monuments, schools, societies and clubs, the Centennial International Exposition, Lincoln’s funeral, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has more than 100 separate neighborhoods, each with its own historical memories. Historic neighborhoods Old City, Germantown, Manayunk, and Kensington present just a few examples of the unique story Philadelphia has to tell. Nomination, inventory, and boundary map for the East Logan Street historic district. Read on for our guide to Philadelphia’s Historic District. Creative Commons: Mitch Groff “US 1 South from PA 132”. If you’re looking to buy a home in South Philadelphia and live amongst this rich history, you should know that the Navy Yard/Stadium Complex area is home to the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, Flyers, Wings and Soul, and also the largest and oldest Italian neighborhoods reside in South Philly; however, the diverse melting pot of cultures also include many residents who are Irish, Polish, African American, Hispanic and Asian. Ironically, Philadelphia’s famous nickname – the “City of Brotherly Love,” derived from the translation of the Greek name Penn gave his city – masks a history of un-neighborly turmoil. Take a look at all the ways we're growing the field to save places. It often includes: A narrative that describes the district’s historic significance. The Philadelphia City Archive is one of the country's largest municipal archives, with about 2 million photographs, dating from the late 1800's. Parking: There are a number of parking garages and lots available in the Historic District, including at the Independence Visitor Center, the National Constitution Center and the National Museum of American Jewish History. Thin bits of frizzled beef served on a locally-made Italian roll, usually topped with fried onions and Cheez Whiz drawn from the can with a paint stirrer, the Philly cheesesteak also is distinguished, in part, by its ⇒ Read More, Settled by Chinese migrants in the 1870s, Philadelphia’s Chinatown grew over the course of the twentieth century from a small ethnic enclave on the outskirts of Skid Row to a vibrant family community in the heart of Center City. Every district and neighborhood in Philadelphia has something unique to offer, from expansive warehouses to iconic historic sites to architecturally defining rowhouses. To accomplish this mission, PIDC manages the oldest municipal land ⇒ Read More, In 1899, the University of Pennsylvania published The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study, the first scholarly race study of an urban place in what became a growing trend of Progressive-era social surveys. The distinction of being Philadelphia’s oldest continuously occupied neighborhood belongs to Tacony, with records of residents dating from a decade prior to William Penn’s arrival. The Liberty Bell Center is part of the U.S. National Park Service and Independence National Historical Park. As federal funding for such efforts dried up in the Reagan era, ⇒ Read More, Commuter trains have helped to shape and define Philadelphia and its region since their introduction in 1832. Linn Washington Jr. is Associate Professor of Journalism at Temple University and Co-Director of We're still working on this page's design and content. A confluence of forces encouraged the particular nature of these large-scale, mass-produced, low-cost suburban tract housing developments, including a ⇒ Read More, City and state politicians representing Northeast Philadelphia, deeply unsettled by the shifting economy and demographic makeup of the city in the 1980s, proposed seceding to create “Liberty County,” a separate, suburban municipality to ostensibly address taxpayers’ demands for improved municipal services. All Rights Reserved. Many currently think of Philadelphia’s Latino community as historically rooted in northeastern North Philadelphia and western Kensington, but there is also a fading memory of the once-vibrant Puerto Rican presence in Spring Garden, evidenced by the Roberto Clemente Playground. Please try again later.

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