You can make a larger quantity of Teriyaki Sauce to use for another dish. Pour sake or vodka into the pan. So you can replace with 1/3 of sugar and the same amount of water(or combination of sake and water if you can have alcohol) per the recipe. The chicken needs to be cleared of oil. Your email address will not be published. Place Chicken into hot pan and cook chicken on both sides until it gets some color, for about 2 minutes each side. I served Teriyaki Chicken with shredded cabbage but any green salads or boiled vegetables are OK. This is the best chicken teriyaki recipe that calls for only 4 ingredients. Wash pan, it has to be clean for the next steps ahead. Place mixed cabbage, carrot and capsicum salad on a plate and then arrange the sliced chicken. What substitute can one use in place of sake and mirin? If using a normal frying pan, I’d suggest that you oil the pan with a small amount of oil when heating it up. The Spruce / Cara Cormack. 1. Really thin fonts are a major turn-off. In a large bowl, combine the soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, and ginger and mix well. chicken thigh teriyaki, japanese teriyaki chicken. Thank you for trying. Chicken thighs are preferred because they are more flavorful than breasts. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. If the thickness of the chicken is uneven place a fillet on a cutting board, skin side … Includes serving and flavor ideas. It takes only 15 minutes! 3. In this recipe, I’ll keep it simple and use chicken teriyaki. I got tired of my kids constantly asking me for their favourite Japanese recipes, so I decided to collate them in one place so they can help themselves - and now you can too! You could add grated garlic/ginger to vary the flavour too. That’s tastier. Probably one of the easiest teriyaki recipe to cook is the Japanese teriyaki fish recipe using salmon. I hope these help. More teriyaki sauce will stick to the chicken! Ingredients 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup mirin 2 tablespoons sugar (to taste) Optional: 1 It was delicious and the whole family loved it. 6. Using the tip of the knife, poke the skin randomly (see the Video). Please visit Japanese Dressings for more details about them. A typical Japanese meal consists of a main dish, a couple of side dishes, a soup and rice. But if the recipe calls for a large amount of sake such as Sakamushi, then I am afraid there is no alternatives if no alcohol. Just the same with teriyaki chicken, teriyaki using salmon fish will require the salty mixed with sweet teriyaki sauce. If you don't have sake: ½ cup water + 3 Tbsp sugar. Cook for 30 seconds. P.S. I know the skin is fatty, but I think that the chicken looks nicer with the skin on when cooked, especially nicely browned. Can I double the sauce quantity as I want extra to go over my rice? Thanks for a great recipe, Yumiko! It gives you a list of dishes that I have already posted and the new recipe in this post that can make up a complete meal. Cook over high heat covered for a minute each side. At supermarkets in Australia, you might find different brands of mirin and cooking sake such as Bento brand. Remove the pan from the heat and place the chicken on the cutting board, skin side up. This is because you had too much oil in the frying pan before adding the Teriyaki Sauce to it. But if you are eating Teriyaki Chicken with a knife and fork, you don’t need to slice the chicken. If you cannot take alcohol, you could use water or broth in this recipe as the quantity of sake is not a lot. Hi Narith, if you are asking because you cannot consume alcohol, please see the comment from Zyra and my reply to it. If you are making Teriyaki Chicken don (Teriyaki Chicken on rice in a bowl), increase the quantity of Teriyaki Sauce by 50% and pour it over the cooked chicken on rice. Instead of shredded cabbage, you can grill or blanch vegetables to give extra colour to the dish. 7. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! You can use skin off and even chicken breast if you prefer. But once you know the proportion of ingredients, it becomes so easy to cook flavoursome dishes in 5-10 minutes. Below is a Teriyaki Chicken don with charred shallot/scallion stems and blanched snow peas that I just ate after taking these photos (yum, yum). You can always concentrate further if required. This meal would work well with diced boneless, skinless chicken thighs (just make sure you stir fry them for longer, until they are … The best Teriyaki sauce, I didn’t know it could be so easy. Wipe away any excess oil in the frying pan just before adding the Teriyaki Sauce (see the photo below). Thank you Donna. You can make it from scratch by mixing together 1 1/2 Tbs soy sauce with 1/2 Tbs brown sugar or sugar cane. Take chicken out of the pan and place into a tray and pat dry with a clean kitchen towel. Combine the Teriyaki Sauce ingredients in a small bowl or cup and mix well until the sugar dissolves (note 4). Don’t forget to see the section ‘MEAL IDEAS’ below the recipe card! It’s made by pan-frying packed rice shaped into a bun and adding a burger paddy or any topping you like. When I make this I definitely have to double it. The texture of the chicken will be different, particularly with chicken breast, but the flavour should be the same. So if you are a busy person, this one's for you. I hope you like my version of Teriyaki Chicken. But if you prefer chicken fillets without the skin on, that’s OK. You can also use chicken breast but you might find that the cooked chicken is slightly dry. Bottled teriyaki sauce that you can buy in grocery stores is full of nasty preservatives and additives and it’s NOT Japanese! In this recipe, I sliced the chicken after it was cooked so that you can still see the whole fillet of chicken, and it is easier to pick up a piece with chopsticks. If you are using a dressing, I’d suggest a light one. Turn the chicken over and cook for about 3 minutes (Note 5). Tori (鳥) means bird but chicken in this context. Sweetness of mirin is 1/3 of sugar. The Spruce / Cara Cormack. They go surprising well with the Teriyaki Sauce. After turning off the heat, the sauce continues to cook with the pan’s residual heat and concentrate further. Heat all ingredients in a pot. INGREDIENT SWAPS / NOTES: I used beef stir fry as a quick, easy option.However, beef rump steak will be more tender (and flavoursome too).

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