But is produced artificially for use in the food industry. There are 206 calories in 1 bar (48 g) of Jungle Energy Bar Dark Chocolate. These Homemade Energy Bars with Dark Chocolate & Almonds are my savior during the work week – I like to grab one for breakfast, and I also keep a stash at work with me to curb those mid-day sugar … All trademarks, copyright and other forms of intellectual property are property of their respective owners. Thanks Marlynn! Citrus Lite. Dark Chocolate. Rich, nutritious, brain building egg yolks are comprised of 30% lecithin! E476 is Polyglycerol polyricinoleate, an emulsifier made from glycerol (glycerine – sweetener) and fatty acids (usually from castor bean, or soybean oil). Cranberry Lite. You sold me when you said it’s like Reeses Peanut Butter Cup but a healthier version. Invert sugar is a mixture of glucose (a simple sugar, circulating in our blood as blood sugar, produced during photosynthesis) and fructose (fruit sugar), obtained by the splitting of sucrose (common carbohydrate found in many plants, extracted and refined from either sugarcane or beet sugar for human consumption – i.e. Non-hydrogenated Vegetable fat (palm fruit), Non-hydrogentated vegetable fat (palm fruit and shea seeds). Will be munching on these all day! In addition, commercial soya is almost always genetically modified, which means the Soya Lecithin also contains pesticide residue. Remove from the heat and stir in the cinnamon and salt. Invert sugar is present naturally in honey and pure maple syrup, and it can lower the spread of bacteria, acting as preservative. Commonly found on food labels, their safety assessment and approval are the responsibility of the European Food Safety Authority. Where to buy. I’m going to be playing around with lots of variations – Top on my list? Place the coconut oil, sugar and honey in a pan. Pure, unfiltered cacao butter is loaded with protective fatty acids and antioxidants. Some transparent gels can be made only with sorbitol. I’ve been experimenting with different energy bites and bars too. It is also used as a sweetener in candies, frosting, beverages, biscuits and baked desserts. How would you customize these Homemade Energy Bars? I’m obsessed with Reeses – These make it easier to be guilt free! Give the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season! Yogurt. This one looks delicious!! It is used to make chocolate, as well as some ointments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Process until well blended. Cranberry & Cashew. Salt contains sodium. Lecithin is used for smoothing food textures, dissolving powders (emulsifying), homogenizing liquid mixtures (making liquids equal), and repelling sticking materials (as used in non-stick cooking spray). ♥. Shoprite Holdings, We use cookies to give you the best possible web experience. Hi Erin, thanks for the recipe! Orange Peel & Almond. To extract oil from the soya bean, it is necessary to use toxic solvents (such as hexane, used in the formulation of glues for shoes, leather products, and roofing), so those solvents are also contained in the Soya Lecithin (waste) product. Naturally gluten free for the last 10,000 years, these little grains and seeds (Yes, Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit!) Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Some of the more commonly recognized side effects associated with consuming Soya Lecithin are issues like bloating, diarrhea, mild skin rashes, nausea and stomach pain. The “E” stands for “Europe”. The inclusion of walnuts is a welcome surprise as they are teeming with antioxidants as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Hi there! Keep reading to see what the best and worst nutrition bars are according to a nutritionist. Yogurt. The best part is that it just takes about 10 minutes of prep time on Sunday, and you’ll have enough bars to last you through the week! Hi Erin – these look great! If you loved this Homemade Energy Bars recipe I would appreciate it so much if you would give this recipe a star review! I’ve been scouring the internet for easy to do homemade energy bar recipes and these are just perfect! Our biggest sale of the year! Soya fiber is made from the cell wall fiber and protein of the soybean cotyledon (embryonic leaf). If you allow the bars to come to room temperature, they will soften up too much and will be difficult to eat. Get full nutrition facts for other Jungle products and all your other favorite brands. Required fields are marked *. The body uses sodium to control blood pressure and blood volume, and ensures the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. E476 is a yellowish, viscous liquid, and it is soluble in fats and oils and insoluble in water and ethanol. This recipe looks delicious. Even though it may be fat-free, it is a concentrated source of calories and offers very little nutritional value, which may lead to weight gain. Substitute raisins or dried cranberries for the goji berries – These bars are easy to adjust to your favorite ingredients. I need to make another batch this weekend!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Glucose syrup is simply an added sweetener (often referred to as a simple sugar), added to make food taste better. Use the overhanging parchment to lift the slab out of the tin, then cut it into twelve slices using a very sharp serrated knife (slice into quarters then cut each quarter into three strips). The benefits of Energy Bars. By Richard Byrne, Dinosaurs love underpants by Claire Freedman. free shipping on orders over $40 Sorbitol has approximately 60% the sweetness of sucrose (table sugar), and is often used in dietary foods (like diet drinks and ice cream), mints, cough syrups, and sugar-free chewing gum. The leaflet is conveniently compiled in A5 pages, so you can print two per A4 page! Add almond butter. Thanks Stephanie – I really think you’ll enjoy them! Get your daily fuel on the move with Jungle Energy Bars. Can´t wait to try it. Add the seed or nut butter. Flavours. Pringles: Original and Salt & Vinegar. I love all different types of energy bars and these look fabulous, if I were to customize them, I’d through in a bunch of chocolate chips. We combined five super grains - oats, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and millet - with crunchy whole peanuts and decadent dark chocolate chunks for a satisfying flavor combination. Berries. Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen. Milk, beets, and celery also naturally contain sodium. They're packed with protein and fiber to keep you energized throughout your day. Wrap each bar individually and store at room temperature for up to two weeks, or in the fridge for up to a month. soy fiber helps to provide the important health benefits usually associated with dietary fiber, including improved laxation and cholesterol-lowering ability. Allergen Information: Contains peanuts and soy. This book just ate my dog! Pour over the oat mixture and stir until everything is well combined. Love the idea of chocolate in a breakfast bar. It is not a significant source of any vitamins or minerals. Another concern is that the Soya Lecithin is bleached to transform the colour from a dirty brown to a light yellow. Ingredients: Oats, tapioca syrup, peanut butter (peanuts, sea salt), soy protein isolate, peanuts, chocolate chunks (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor), honey, raisin paste, oat flour, peanut oil, chicory root fiber, peanut flour, cocoa powder, cane sugar, canola oil, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, sea salt, natural flavor, Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols for freshness). Swapping in this vanilla almond butter, chopped up dried apricots (instead of the goji berries), and white chocolate chips. “Non-hydrogenated” means that the fat/oil is not treated with hydrogen to make it a saturated fat, and thus does not contain harmful trans fatty acids. In a large bowl, mix together the almonds, Handfuel’s Vitalizer Mix, rolled oats, puffed rice cereal, almonds, and chia seeds. Palm oil or palm fruit oil is naturally approximately 50% saturated fat and 40% monounsaturated fat (oleic acid – the same type of fat in olive oil) and 9-10% polyunsaturated fat in the form of linoleic acid. $12.96 $14.40 (12 bars) They’re packed with dietary fibre and energy to keep you going anywhere at any time. Cut into 1 x 4 inch bars and enjoy! These Homemade Energy Bars with Dark Chocolate & Almonds are my savior during the work week – I like to grab one for breakfast, and I also keep a stash at work with me to curb those mid-day sugar cravings – Essential for when there’s a big batch of homemade cookies in the break room.

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