But a question… I always hold my breath when I see these since we just remodeled our kitchen and won’t be redoing anything for a very long time! Completely agreed. So I don’t spend much time on these posts and will watch for others that are more relevant for me. 7 of the … We're predicting a rise in glass-paneled shelving, curated bookcases, and kitchens filled with personal items like vintage rugs, artwork, stoneware pottery, and other collected items. Some of the trends aren’t for me (dark cabinets and cut-out handles), but it is still nice to know what you think we’ll be seeing more of in 2019. It does potentially require more cleaning (water and oil splatters) but boy does it look good. Emily, do you think the dark counters/cabinets look only works with open shelving and expansive kitchens?? It used to be stylish to paint just one wall in a room an eye-catching accent color, but in 2019, homeowners aren't holding back. While the single open shelf is not a new idea, it got a massive upgrade with this one stone trend. Expect to see more smarts in the bathroom. Well, not goodbye forever, but 2019 has a whole slew of new kitchen appliance trends that will give you more options than ever before. As we're seeing fewer kitchens with traditional upper cabinets, statement backsplashes are on the rise. Starting at my lovely cherry fancy hood cover (someone else’s choice) feeling like it’s just a little unimaginative. Compassionate Eye Foundation/Getty Images, Officially Out: All-White-Everything in the Kitchen, 5 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019—And 3 That Are Officially Over. While “smart” devices have traditionally come in the form of things like thermostats or security cameras, appliance manufacturers have been making homes a lot smarter — and more colorful – by raising the IQ of refrigerators and ovens. It feels like Christmas and New Years all over again. Curious what the 2020 Kitchen Trends are?? They want to declutter their countertops, which is where cabinets and drawers come into play. Anyway, I just think designers and decorators – just like anyone who works in the fashion industry – are always going to crave new ways to do things, new trends, etc, because it’s refreshing to them (and to me, tbh) and part of their jobs, part of why they love what they do. Timeless Finishes . Too much white can feel sterile in the kitchen, which is probably why an overload of this neutral in these earthy-loving times is starting to feel tired and a bit ho-hum. So excited to hear I’m on trend . To keep up, we reached out to the kitchen trend experts at Houzz and Trulia to get their predictions for the top kitchen trends of 2019—as well as the trends that are officially out. I bought a 2009 flip house that came with all the goods (shiny black countertops, 12×12 beige floor tile, poorly installed plumbing fixtures, brown glass accent tile in the master shower…), We plan to massively reno the kitchen in a few years…but I’ve been debating a dark/warm green/gray on the lower cabinets in an attempt to “hide” my shiny black granite counters (with bullnose edge *shudder*). Beautiful! Besides, a truly beautiful piece never really goes out of style. What is also so great about this trendy kitchen decor piece is that it works with really any kind of style. There are all manner of fancy-schmancy appliances on the market. It’s somehow grand and quiet all at the same time. And that is OK. I’m sure your readership is quite varied in life-style, income levels, age, tastes, etc., so I appreciate the variety of content EHD produces to reach such a broad audience. If the post is written by another author, why not give them the credit with a byline? Love it. Can anyone tell me if this is actual countertop extended up like a big backsplash and is it as thick as the countertop? It is a very high-traffic space and it generally influences the design of the rest of the house, especially if the home has an open plan layout. The signature style, first spotted in French interior designer Joseph Dirand's kitchen, is now building momentum stateside. Maybe we’ll lose our minds and move one day and I can put the sunny kitchen higher on the list of wants. But 2019 is finally the year of saying yes-yes to all the metal combos. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, or KBIS, starts today in Las Vegas and runs through the week. The transparent room divider looks stunning in the Parisian apartment above, featured on Cup of Jo. But let’s be honest, beautiful yet functional storage will never go out of style so if this is something you are considering going for, do it. Gone are the days of kitchens that have wraparound counters and upper cabinets. Oh sorry, we didn’t see you there. Mirror backed open shelves over a kitchen sink that can’t have a window is a perfect design solution. Yay! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Several of these will be incorporated into my kitchen reno (I’ve been planning for a year!). Matte stainless steel is so last year. Inset or cut out “handles” feel like they’re popping up more and more since we first reported on it this past summer, and we’re not mad at it. While we’ve already seen this trend to some extent with KitchenAid mixers and Smeg appliances, expect other appliance makers to follow suit. Or there are hacks for building wood counters that fit over ugly counter tops. Can you spot the other 2019 trends? Sherwin Williams colors are also available for use in 2020 Design. Throughout January, we’re going to be diving into our thoughts of what’s on the horizon for all things interior design, and the first area we’re focusing on is kitchens. I love seeing all these beautiful kitchens! And even then, when you love something intensely and want it in your home, there are no rules whatsoever that matter more than that (except your own budget and realistic expectations). Beautiful summary and pics of 2019 trends. For display inspiration, check out these 20 gorgeous cooking spaces with open-shelving., Into this year, we'll see more two-tone kitchens. Sigh. But a stove? For all of these reasons, keeping our kitchens updated, stylish, and functional is perhaps more important than any other other room in the house. The Hottest 2019 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For | 2020 Design Question – how do you deal with stainless appliances and non-stainless hardware? You must do articles like these once every free months. Well done! You can pry my 2.5 year old all-white kitchen from my cold dead hands! 5 Trends in Kitchen Appliances for 2020 . I get the same feeling from some of the Instagram accounts that I follow. These all-in-one recipes are wholesome, simple and affordable. Though we've seen our fair share of statement range hoods in recent years, 2019 is pointing toward a rise in concealed ventilation in the kitchen—as seen above in Mandy Moore's kitchen designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel. "It has finally been around long enough to convince everyone of its aesthetic appeals and its life-practicality fail." "It turns almost any dining spot into more of a lounge area, and you can tuck a few storage baskets underneath for blankets, games, place settings, and more," the experts explain. Thanks for updating! Our best decorating and DIY ideas delivered to your inbox. In 2019, the pastel hue is showing up in a place we never expected: on kitchen cabinets. Appliances Connection Jan 25, 2020 . Because this is a trend that, like we said, costs a pretty penny, we’re betting this one sticks around for a LONG time. This isn’t a new trend, but a continuing one: Major appliance makers are teaming up with cooking app companies to make life in the kitchen easier. Do you agree that they have staying power? This kitchen by Athena Calderone is true heaven and is a perfect example of why this trend will hopefully make the transition into being a perennial classic. 2019 saw some gorgeous kitchen appliance color trends which we believe will continue into 2020 as well.

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