And here are the most 6 amazing benefits of milk thistle weight loss. Morning, noon / lunch time or evening is not as important in taking milk thistle as taking it on an empty stomach is. Experiment with a capsule before one meal a day, increase to two and then to three times per day. According to one review, the only evidenced benefits of milk thistle to date are [4]: There just isn’t the scientific evidence that milk thistle can help you lose weight or fat on its own. In reality its unlikely that milk thistle will have that much of an effect when it comes to weight loss. I have found that the effect is quite subtle, but I seem to feel better on the 3x/d program - listen to your body! Milk thistle is a plant extract that is primarily used to boost liver health but is occasionally touted as a fat burner. This fruit was also found to have antioxidant and anti-aging effects on skin cells. 2007 Oct [cited 2020 Oct 24];9(7):593–602. Even the heart may benefit indirectly by lowering or normalizing cholesterol (having cholesterol too low may be more of a danger to health than having it too high, some research has shown.). It is native to Mediterranean countries. During digestion, the liver and gall bladder must process the food. This study was published in Human Brain Mapping on August 6, 2009. Safety first! The liver also helps to remove harmful substances from your blood, aids in hormone production, detoxifies your body, releases glucose into the blood stream in order to give your body steady energy and releases bile into your small intestine so that fat can be absorbed from foods. Research has shown that phytochemicals found in silymarin of milk thistle efficiently suppress the ultraviolet light that causes oxidation on the skin. DiMario FR, Farni L, Okolicsanyi L, Naccarato R.  The effects of silymarin on the liver function parameters of patients with alcohol-induced liver disease: a double-blind study. The liver function plays an important role in reducing weight loss whereby it purifies the blood and helps in faster fat metabolism. Milk thistle benefits work by drawing toxins out of the body that cause a range of symptoms and diseases including; cancer development, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, gallbladder disorders and negative effects of chemotherapy, alcohol use, skin damage and many more. Is SkinnyMe Sugar Free Chocolate Really Good for You? Regulating your blood glucose can be an important part of the weight loss jigsaw. If you already are testing your blood sugar regularly and monitor your levels, adjusting doses, you may see healthy benefit with milk thistle as I have seen with many people. Milk thistle is known for its ability to decrease cholesterol levels. The application of silymarin found in milk thistle to the skin also reduces skin damage due to radiation therapy in patients treated for cancer. Causes of atherosclerosis are due to the oxidation of LDL cholesterol that forms the plaque that attaches to the artery wall. So I started drinking milk thistle seeds made into a decoction (a tea boiled for ten minutes. Silymarin promotes liver regeneration, reduces inflammation and interferes with signals that damage liver cells [1]. And that in itself is the worrying part. Health Benefits of Milk Thistle for Weight Loss. It was first used in ancient Greece to treat snakebite, but has since become popular as an alternative medicine for anything ranging from liver ailments to allergies. Blumenthal M, Busse W, Goldberg A, et al, eds. Although some people experience weight gain after taking milk thistle but it is observed especially in females who are aged 60+ years old who are also taking a fish oil medication, and have stress and anxiety. But is that true? They believe that they have created a unique solution for obesity and weight loss and combine milk thistle with a variety of schisandra and lycium1. However, not everyone can use this herb because each person’s body is different. Dr. Paul M. Thompson, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California, said: "That's a big loss of tissue, and it depletes your cognitive reserves, putting you at much greater risk of Alzheimer's and other diseases that attack the brain." The problem is though that this can be hard. Milk Thistle Bloom Slant By Jeffrey Hamilton N8rboxz1qng Unsplash. Milk Thistle is well-known for improving liver health; consuming Milk Thistle will help to reduce weight … The valuable effect of antioxidants found in milk thistle has been reported in experimental and clinical studies to help decrease blood sugar levels in insulin resistant patients. Milk thistle helps support the endocrine and digestive system in the production of bile and enzymes, helps cleanse the blood, and can help purify the body, thereby regulating the function of the gallbladder, kidney, and spleen to help prevent gallstone and kidney stones.

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