As part of the switch, I also did a minor in Business Administration. Kind of like a mix of a vocational/technical school into a traditional 4 year university program. A degree is useless for being a sysadmin; if I had got a helldesk job and a sysadmin job from there, I'd be a couple of years further along and making a lot more money. It was a mixture of more hands on technical and general education. If I had to do it all over again, I would've major in CS and Business and minor in MIS. IT is typically related to computers or computing technology. This would not be for me though. I've heard of students taking Computer Information Systems in an attempt to have an easier course track, and I suspect that sort of behavior diminishes the overall value of the degree. Next you have object oriented programming. That should tell you everything you need to know. DONT DO MIS. I live here in Austin now, and there are so many job opportunities for a Computer Science graduate. Just remember Computer Science is not easy (it's very challenging), but the rewards after graduating and finding a good job is big. no comments yet. I also an moving toward a management role and it helps with that. Complete joke of a program. Please visit here to find out how to contact your region’s MSI Most of my test I try to be the first one to finish. But make sure you also get a copy of VMware Workstation or something and set up a little lab and work on things. Computer Information Science (CIS) is a quickly-growing field which covers a wide range of topics, including those traditionally covered in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS). In the real world the work environment is pretty fast paced, challenging, and offers many opportunities to learn grow. Yeah, there is a bad professor here and there, but I don't regret going down this route at all. Are there more people competing for fewer spots or...? I have been quite happy with my decision. I spent 1 year in CS but switched to business (mainly because the CS department wasnt accredited at the time. The comp sci major, had a lot of math classes.. It was what I wanted in the first place. I ended up enjoying (and doing quote well in) most of the classes I took to satisfy my business minor, so I'm sure I ultimately would have enjoyed the MIS program. The argument I've heard is that CS has too many problem classes and "professors" to major in it, but MIS/IT is not technical enough to convince recruiters you can pull your weight in development situations. It might help a business better implement a new social media strategy or better organize employee benefits. For sysadmin you are correct, moving beyond just a sysadmin will typically require the education. but also had a lot of theory stuff and basic programming. You will regret it. A management information system (MIS) is a specific subset of IS. When you graduating, combining the degree with the actual skills and knowledge you pick up over the years, plus work experience as an intern or student job on campus, and you'll be very employable. I had my first OOP in 12th grade and knew that I'll just go into a CS major. I wasn't interested in the MIS route so I went CS, but I had absolutely zero interest in being a developer. After graduating (with the BS), I quickly got a job offer at a good software company, and recently switched to a bigger company making an additional $15k. Please keep the conversation semi-professional or better, adhere to the reddiquette, and remember to READ OUR RULES. Then you got database management. I did not take a math class my senior year, (I didn't even take pre-calc) and when I got here, I was put into Calc 1. But I took a programming class and I really enjoyed it. Computer Science vs. MIS Degree. We don't know what the issue is with the card, but hope to get it solved. Here we discuss university-level and other education in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and related majors. Glad (and sad) to see someone else thinks the MIS department is as horrible as I think it is. If you want to deal with things more on the business side (as opposed to building a new product), the MIS degree makes more sense. You take the same classes you can take with a business minor (id recommend doing the business minor with your CS/ME/EE/COMPE degree if you really want to have some business type shit on your resume). “When I took the operating systems class, in which your grade was based off of building an operating system, I found myself taking a huge problem and breaking it up into little pieces. Most MIS programs will involve taking a lot of business classes, some IT classes, and perhaps a small handful of software development/ coding classes. The first time that happened, I freaked out. It was also business focused, like you mentioned. CS degrees are going to be very theoretical, and MIS degrees are going to be business focused. An analysis of MIS data could reveal how to utilize internal and external information better. I enjoyed it. I knew I wanted to be a system and/or network administrator and CS made more sense to me than MIS. I picked up the MS in MIS a few years ago since my company offered to pay for it, and I would have been an idiot to miss out on a free masters degree. I wasn't interested in the MIS route so I went CS, but I had absolutely zero interest in being a developer. MIS is fucking terrible. Heavily business oriented. If you are serious about being a developer do CS. Although debating MIS/CIT Vs computer science. Computing technology includes hardware, software, networking, and internet interactions. Sure some of the classes were useful. From hard to easy they were Engineer, Computer Sci, and MIS. I can’t say it was easy breezy the entire time. A guide to help you understand what blockchain is and how it can be used by industries. save. As such, it is treated as a separate business with revenues accounted for on a standalone basis and balance sheet. Please visit here to find out how to contact your region’s MSI, Official MSI GAMING subreddit. Dont even learn ASP really. Even though IT can (and must) be directed toward specific ends, its general scope is unfocused outside of computing processes. Hell the intro to programming class (internet programming) is only HALF A SEMESTER. It's like this: if the question is more about college/university, it goes here; if it's more about a job, it goes there; if it's in between, it can go in either one. In college, I realized one major thing, I have a friend in Engineering...and he told me there is only 1 girl in the whole campus that was in Engineering. I neat thing is, since I know how to program, even though I haven't program in a long time, I can read codes and modify them. The program offers hands on lab work with networks, servers, etc. CS is mostly math, MIS is more computer related but you end up taking a lot of business classes like marketing and accounting.

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