What we have described here is an oversimplification of what AI technology can do but you can get the gist of it. 83% of corporations have seen increases in conversion rate due to video content. A proactive and forward-thinking approach in which you are aware of future trends and projections, and act based on them, will make your company more successful. Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Report 2020 MMA India with GroupM, a media investment group, has released the much anticipated Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Report (MMER) 2020. Needless to say, it is here to stay for a long time. Chatbots are AI bots programmed to interact with customers and provide more information on certain things. As we inch a little bit closer to the turn of the decade, it is time to look forward to seeing what the future holds for mobile marketing. As marketers have found out quickly, audiovisual content attracts people like nothing else has been able to before. The MMA invests millions of dollars in rigorous research to enable marketers with unassailable truth and actionable tools. Mobile marketing has been a popular trend in marketing for years and is here to stay for the long haul. VDx.tv, a global advertising technology company, that delivers video-driven experiences across desktop, mobile and OTT, announced it has been recognised as winner at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in the Most Effective Integrated Campaign category, for its full video-driven experience campaign launched with Greenpeace and Opticomm. This year's theme for the report revolves around how mobile is a bigger platform than digital platforms. This update heralds a new era of digital communications and its impact will be felt across virtually every industry. Contact, The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing in 2020 A growing trend in digital marketing and one that extends to mobile marketing too is sentiment analysis—an AI process that studies human communication and online interactions for emotional analysis. Email us on rightmixmarketing [at] gmail [dot] com! PowerPoint Templates. The numbers of apps in the stores and the competition for visibility in the stores keep increasing year after year, and 2020 will not be an exception. Mobile app consumption is at an all-time high which means mobile in-app marketing will maintain its relevancy going into 2020. It evolves and adapts with changing times. All Rights Reserved.+ 1 646 257 4515 | [email protected]. Every new piece of technology that is invented can and does impact the marketing industry in one way or another, giving birth to new mobile marketing trends or reinforcing existing ones. Important evolutions will affect tools & vendors. First of all, having a high quality product will be crucial in order to succeed in the coming year. And since social media websites now have their own advertising platforms, it makes them the ideal channel for mobile marketing. 96% of buyers claim that video content helps them understand the product better in terms of details. Adoption could be mandatory by 2021. Marketers have long been predicting what new mobile marketing trends will emerge in 2020 and as such are expected to shift their attention to those new channels that they can implement. Here is a detailed insight into the top mobile app trends in 2020. Sentiment analysis allows you to understand whether online posts are positive, neutral or negative. The rivalry between Apple, Facebook and Google and ever-growing privacy concerns will make attribution headaches more frequent. Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) is the go-to choice for creating presentations. In this article, we will try to sum up some of the key findings to understand what changes will occur, what to look for in the future and which channels to invest in. Copyright © 2009-2019 - Right Mix Marketing, on Mobile Marketing Trends in 2020: Some Essential Channels to Implement, RMM Interview – In Conversation with Dennis Williams, Director of Content and Brand at Marketing Evolution, 7 Easy Steps to Get More Downloads for Your Android App, importance of artificial intelligence in marketing, Technology vector created by www.freepik.com. - Mobile gaming advertising market Feature Image Credit: Technology vector created by www.freepik.com. From tracking the entire marketing funnel to collecting data on customer behavior and tendencies, it is an ideal feedback tool to be investing in right now. It’s also available in Google Slides version as well. He is currently working as a marketing specialist at SendSMS.Global is providing SMS marketing solutions globally. With over 5 years’ experience in content marketing and SEO, he believes that valuable and informative content is key.

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