Jl. "[16], The film was praised by critics in East Asia and Southeast Asia. I couldn’t agree more. These were some of Rancho’s favorite lines, which he lived by. We drew a contract with him and it clearly mentions about the position of his credit. It's there, but it's not about it being there, it's about the placement and the prominence. The figures don't include the Print and Advertising (P&A) costs. [73][74], In China, where it is known as 《三傻大闹宝莱坞》 ("3 idiots make a scene in Bollywood"),[7] the film grossed ₹110 million in 2 weeks in December 2011,[47] eventually crossing the $2 million mark within 18 days,[17] and nearly $3 million within a month, as of 5 January 2012. Thanks for your comment. Scared of  the future. http://www.facebook.com/seminarphilippines, Sha Nacino, Inspirational Speaker and Prolific Author. Movie is one types of communication which uses moving pictures and sound to tell stories or help people learn about new ideas. its superb and amazing box office movie of the century . [3], Subhash K. Jha stated: "It's not that 3 Idiots is a flawless work of art. A grateful Virus acknowledges Rancho as an extraordinary student and revokes the expulsions. How long will the footprints on the moon last? [46] In China, it was released as San Ge Shagua ("Three Idiots"),[7] in December 2011. I agree with you, Sha. It's emotional, it's entertaining, it's enlightening. All is well! This was one of the many reasons why I was glued to the movie. When a movie leaves me with new insights, makes me think deeply, makes me cry or laugh, I see no fault in portrayal, drama, is well-executed up to the finest detail, I would include it on my favorites. Raya Tlogomas No 246 Malang East Java Indonesia - Phone +62341464318 ext. In 1999, students Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi of the Imperial College of Engineering in Delhi, struggle to compete within its cutthroat academic culture. Again, this made Prof. Viru really mad. HAHA! All is Well! First, we have to be brave and never give up to get what we want. I was provoked, but I shouldn't have done this. Rancho is also there. 7 years ago. Hi Sha! [68] The film had the longest showing period at cinemas in Taiwan, for more than two months from December 2010, breaking the record of Avatar, with over NT$10 million (US$629,024)[66] grossed. On Friendship the writer is a genius! "[84] Raja Sen of Rediff gave the film two out of five stars and states: "Rajkumar Hirani's one of the directors of the decade, a man with immense talent and a knack for storytelling. This should not be the case though. With such fear of tomorrow, how’ll you live today? 4. . Then there were parts when we cried a bit, then laughed again. 3 Idiots is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, and also co-written by him with Abhijat Joshi.The film stars Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani and Omi Vaidya.The film follows the friendship of three students at an Indian engineering college and is a satire about the social pressures under an Indian education … Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. The film follows the friendship of three students at an Indian engineering college and is a satire about the social pressures under an Indian education system. He also argued that he was misled by the makers of the film, though he noted, that "this has nothing to do with Mr Aamir Khan […] I am a big fan of Aamir and he has made my story reach people. He further said, Follow your talent. The report also said that Hirani will begin shooting for the Munna Bhai sequel with Sanjay Dutt once Sanju releases. This made Prof. Viru furious. It also became one of the few Indian films at the time to become successful in East Asian markets such as China[17] and Japan,[18] eventually bringing its worldwide gross to ₹3.92 billion ($90 million)[a][4][5] — it was the highest-grossing Indian film ever at the time. I highly recommend the movie! The Moral Value in 3 idiot movie Good night, i'm Corry Raisa Wuriani. [25] In Japan, it was nominated in the Best Outstanding Foreign Language Film category at the 37th Japan Academy Awards in 2014;[23][24][89][90] the award was eventually won by Les Miserables. I also want to thank all my fans, who stood by me but I don't want them to turn against anyone especially Aamir. "[96] Chopra later apologised, stating: "I really think I'm silly. Si “Silencer” lang yata ung di nag-enjoy sa film na ito eh. (2) What is the contribution of "3 Idiots" movie to the audience? The 3 Idiots also become my favorite movie instantly. The film stars Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani and Omi Vaidya. Success! Do not say "no" to the patient, medical ethics, risk to be a doctor. By 2013, China grew to become the world's second largest film market (after the United States), paving the way for Aamir Khan's Chinese box office success, with Dhoom 3 (2013), PK (2014), Dangal (2016)[104] and Secret Superstar (2017). It was also the highest-grossing film in its opening weekend in India, had the highest opening day collections for an Indian film up until that point and also held the record for the highest net collections in the first week for a Bollywood film. . educators should not only teach but TOUCH and INSPIRE students about themselves and what they can give to the world later on. From many movies that the writer has ever watched, "3 Idiots" movie by Rajkumar Hirani is the most appealing. 3 Idiots is an Indian comedy film about three friends — Farhan, Raju, and Rancho — who were taking up Engineering in one of the best universities in India. Their former classmate Chatur, now a wealthy executive in an American company, calls them, claiming to know Rancho's whereabouts in Shimla, and the three of them head out to find him. Just wondering what are the two words he wrote on the Board? ok Check it out :D. Watching the film 3 Idiots feels can make us learn a lot of things. The dormitory scenes were filmed at the institution's dormitory blocks. 1. [7] Chinese universities were "even prescribing the film in their coursework as a kind of stress-relief in their classrooms. What are the moral lessons of the movie "3 idiots?"? Though Rancho’s ways and beliefs were unconventional and he was always scolded by Prof. Viru, his passion and his good nature were so vibrant, Prof. Viru gave the “pen” to Rancho towards the end of the term. One night, while severely drunk, the trio break into Virus' house, where Rancho confesses his feelings to Pia and the other two urinate on his property. [50] It was released there in June 2013,[18] with the title きっと、うまくいく (Kitto, Umaku Iku). I watch the movie twice a week, and it reminds me my campus mates( University Of Nairobi ) here in Africa KENYA. Actor.i like Aamir'khan movie movie name-3idiot, taare zameen par, rang de basnti, fanna, lagaan once upon time in india, Dil chahta hai, talaas, jo jeeta wohi sikandar, Gajani, sarforsh, Delhi belly, jane tu ya jane na and upcoming movie Doom3 and peekay. Indeed, learning should be exciting and inspiring! Moral Values From Stand By Me Doraemon Movie, Lessons We Can Learn from Alice in Wonderland, The Moral Value in The King's Speech Movie, Moral Value in Sing to the Dawn (Meraih Mimpi) Movie, Recomended Film can be used to learn English.

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