Below are examples of the different stages of complexity of sentences. To: Another benefit is the multiple functions of a smartphone which enable people to multitask with the convenience of using only one device. Answer :No, it is not necessarily a compound sentence. Use this set of tools to introduce OR review simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to middle and high school students!This concept is SO critical for writing with more variety, and these materials. SURVEY . Do you wish to see if you can identify if the sentences below are either compound or simple? Multiple choice questions are aligned with common core. At what rate percent per annum will a sum of Rs. This resource is n, Digital and print sentence structure worksheets. The examiner will notice a large number of repeated There is also a limited range of vocabulary for this topic. 525 results for compound and complex sentences quiz, Also included in: Simple, Compound, and Complex [BUNDLE], Also included in: NARRATIVE RESOURCE BUNDLE, Also included in: Seventh Grade Grammar Bundle: Sentence Structure, Phrases, Clauses, Also included in: Third Grade Bundle: Language, Grammar, Math, and Reading, Also included in: Grammar Lesson Bundle: FULL YEAR of Editable Lessons for Secondary ELA. ... compound-complex. The number of cars should be limited in city centres. Trina slept late, yet she made it to school on time. 450 in 5 years at S.I ___. 110.70. By doing this, air pollution can be reduced. From: Smartphones have internet access. People can also discover culture and history. Handout: Compound and Complex sentences quiz/ review questions. A compound sentence has two independent clauses. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Create your account to access this entire worksheet, A Premium account gives you access to all lesson, practice exams, quizzes & worksheets, College English Composition: Help and Review, Conventions in Writing - Grammar: Help and Review. What was the percentage of interest per annum? From: Mass tourism makes people happy. compound-complex Grammargrounds grammar education is a free, comprehensive site with instruction, videos, quizzes, and more. What are Complex Sentences in IELTS Writing Task 2? A man borrows Rs. To: No matter where a person is born, they should have access to good education, paid employment and an efficient healthcare system. To: One reason for the growth in mass tourism is that people have more free time and more money to spend than ever before. 1,000 more than what he had given to Sarvesh. Online quiz to test your understanding of the four English sentence types; declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamative. In IELTS Writing Task 2, the examiner will take note of whether you are using simple or complex sentences. Thak you sir . To: One advantage is that mobile phones can be used wherever a person is. It will become 8 times in. Privacy In this role, it links clauses and replaces a noun in the relative clause. 4,000 from a bank at 7 1 2 % interest. - Examples & Definition, Intransitive Phrasal Verbs: Examples & Overview, Common Grammar Mistakes: Examples & Correction, To learn more about the information we collect, how we use it and your choices visit our, Conventions in Writing - Usage: Help and Review, Reading and Understanding Essays: Help and Review, Composition Best Practices - Theory and Application: Help and Review, The Writing Process: Revision and Skill Development, Nonfiction and Informational Text Skills Practice, Analyzing Key Ideas of Nonfiction & Informational Text, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Understand the structure of complex sentences, Learn about the different ways that subordinate clauses function within sentences. From: Rich countries should help poor countries. If the amounts for a fixed principal after 3 and 2 years at a certain rate of compound interest are in the ratio 21 : 20. Reply. 333 lessons The number of cars should be limited in city centers. An independent clause can make a sentence by itself, but a dependent clause must have a subject and a verb and cannot stand alone.

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