He also converted the grove outside into a training ground where he tamed and taught the various beasts to do his bidding and attack the "Tainted Ones" at sight. Pactyas the Huntsman is killed during the quest Protector of Persia. The Huntsman Gentlemen's Lounge, Pattaya. As a result of tampering with the natural order of time, those who release the Sands of Time and use the Dagger of Time may be visited by the Dahaka, a guardian of the timeline meant to safeguard the intended order of time.[4]. [3], After Xerxes' death, his son Artaxerxes I ascended the throne and Artabanus, fearing his possible allyship with the Order, plotted his assassination, one which was foiled by Amorges. [3] The mechanism used to activate the Dagger is a blue and gold accented button located in the center of the Dagger's hilt. c. 429 BCEMakedonia, Greece The biggest consequence to using the Dagger of Time is the very manipulation of time itself. Species [3], Even when they are not in possession of the Dagger of Time, they visibly realize when someone else is using the powers of the Dagger. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Pactyas Time was reversed to the point before his father's army attacked India, but he maintained possession of the Dagger regardless. Please update the article to reflect recent releases and then remove this template once done. While dying, Pactyas revealed his and Darius' shared past to Kassandra and Natakas. [2], Around 429 BCE, Pactyas and his order tracked down another Tainted One, the misthios Kassandra who made a name for herself during the Peloponnesian War. [1], Later, Pactyas rosed to became a member of the Persian elite, alongside Artabanus and Amorges. Required fields are marked *, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Pactyas the Huntsman Walkthrough. In addition, he was assigned to hunt down the Tainted Ones, individuals who were directly descended from the Isu. Pactyas realized he had been beaten and fell down, both in despair and in succumbing to his wounds. He sought to shake her resolve with the display, as well as brought forth their survivors to berate her, but fled the conflict while his underlings attacked Kassandra, leaving only a scarecrow in the marsh and a taunting message.[6]. The Dagger's reason for being is never revealed. Affiliations Pactyas subsequently fled to the glades in order to lure in Kassandra to his advantage. However, the plan failed as Kassandra and Natakas saved the villagers[4] while the Order Elite was eliminated by Darius. With the Vizier dead, he returns the Dagger back to the spirit of Kaileena. Because of the Prince's efforts on the Island of Time, history was changed, and the Vizier was never killed. [2], Following Pactyas' death, the rest of the Order of the Ancients was alerted to the presence of Darius, Natakas, Kassandra, and the threat they posed to the Order.[2]. He no longer has a large number of health points. Before fighting the main opponent you must kill his companions. Your email address will not be published. She then departs from their world with Dagger to prevent anyone else from using its powers. All Order of Hunters / Order of Ancients Locations Doubling as a weapon, the Dagger of Time is the only weapon that can harm and recapture Sand Creatures. You can defeat this opponent during the Mysterious Malady main quest. He returned the Dagger to the Maharajah's daughter, Princess Farah and asked her to "guard it well". When he traveled into the past prior to the events that led to the Dagger's discovery by the Maharajah, the Dagger may have been lost somewhere on the Island where it would be found by the Maharajah later.

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