SIAM™ is a registered trademark of EXIN. /Type /Page 11 0 obj It is assembled from a series of other documents, including the business case, the Terms of Reference, the communication plan, the risk register, the Project Tolerances, the project plan, and any specific project controls or inspections as part of a departmental quality plan or common project approach. Project Management •Was a phased approach used? What type of approach: variegates techniques (e.g. ITQA also determines when the End Stage Assessment (ESA) will be taking place. Phase 1 of the project will deliver the online functionality required together with the changes to the necessary Business Systems impacted, whilst Phase 2 will deliver the Digital Rights Management and real-time advert insertion. --   Microsoft®, Word™, Excel®, SharePoint® and Visio® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. ARIS™ and IDS Scheer are registered trademarks of Software AG. Often business stakeholders ask project to be delivered to impossible dates, which requires the highlight of that fact. Relaunching date or reducing the scope need to be supported with justifications, on which stakeholders making a decision of delaying the launch date. It defines all major aspects of a project and forms the basis for its management and the assessment of overall success. Where necessary, with which restrictions? The PID should expand upon the Project Mandate and state what the project is aiming and planning to achieve and the reason for the importance of meeting these aims. /Length 11 0 R mͪr�pU��4 S3:�-�s>���p�AL�֙Y��������o��!��KdY��8�J����}�¥x���~�����3w�@Dp"��;�E��d:)�Ԣ�t0l~�mMfL9�#O�e�%,�D0b�&�G���`�� L�I�i��Ob;� ��+���~+��@��Q!�( ԨWs��]��'�u0�z�=��%���yW�m2W��"��<8��3wfpKM�=�OH��w�p��@Ž'0�v�nj O��%h}��%|��60��u��$���`0f��� Ӡ���p���1�q� [15], The last stage of writing PID is the Approval, which implies the distribution to all Stakeholders on the Distribution List within the PID and other interested parties such as Operations or HR for Resources by e-mails with the request of comments. Cost, time and effort adhered to for the implementation? Once the PID is formally approved, it means that there is an additional contingency to utilize before having to move into Exception. << An investigation takes place during the Post Implementation Review (PIR), as to whether the following information related to the implementation is entered into the Change Record: >> The Project Scope Statement should include as much detail as possible, as it helps to avoid proliferating problems and questions in the project lifecycle (requirements are needed in order to succeed in In Scope Category). The sooner the worker starts building that sort of relationships with stakeholders, the easier will be later on when more pressing concerns regarding scope are raised.[13]. [9] The SMG (Senior Management Group) will be notified of key findings and developments. >> The important aspect should avoided isolations, as it might cause mistakes such as spelling or jargon. It is rational way of make the specific project above others emphasizing the attention of participation of most active candidate of a team. --   COBIT® is a registered trademark of ISACA. The project initiation document builds upon the business case (if it exists) using the information and analysis data produced during initiation activities.[3]. �Y��r9���\��kLE�P ��ڟ������O�O�1‡����p0S���j;5@̵�:H� ���q5���I��?�(�7]c�D�����xs8�^�{� ���6�rv�V�;�n ~�ڋ�Hj�kQ�"�2�;gL� �z�8]U>��,�pKrU��MK��l��wlg��Eޛty�%�fk�^����h�~�8DZwL���{��?��H��˒����z�I/:�� � Mp�r}�b�Xg���W}���}$bt}X�j��`4J,�ak��%b�8�[=j�vh�~��|ݝ�^�U��K���g+ �$�I1;9��R��1��^�-��x^}^� >&����K��$�ddqRy�H>�����(�K,��ev :�� =sZ j���)��7���ݧ=t�{�ȫ��ڕ2i�t\�˒��#���ְ�`I�P��'�Hm� The PID represents a detailed version of the basic project start-up document called the Project Brief. Financial side of the project is needed to be considered. /Parent 5 0 R /Length 16 0 R • Was there clear definition of roles & responsibilities • Was there a formal process for risk management? It also contains the list of people who are participating in the project development from the very beginning until project closure, along with their roles and responsibilities. 4 0 obj The purpose of the Project Initiation Document (PID) is to capture and record basic information needed to correctly define and plan the project. endobj [12], Writing the Initial Plan for PID implies adequate reconsideration of proposed date and detail phases accordingly. The person, who has played a pivotal role in project participation should be mentioned in the section of PID. PID bundles the information, which was acquired through the Starting up a project and Initiating a Project processes in a PRINCE2 controlled project environment. Checklist Category: ITIL Templates - Change Management . Actual time and effort for the implementation, Statements as to the achievement of objectives. [6], Project Background establish why and how the project was created. The last stage is the most unstable, as covers how much the Budget, Time and Project Scope could increase without the project being forced to go into Exception. The review also considers the realisation of output benefits and the progress of the outcome benefit. ?�Y�N���⒘�)��E��,ʛ|��n�RJr�D,W4��]��i�E(���ꮚ��t���iu�GU[�׶��T�n�A)�[���I�j�D&95c&N ���MVUisD�kH���*�\�c���X$�עL���:Uac`c��U���jG�ӡ)CC�� ��"����[}b[U(�-E2{��u �je.��u�HUbG�ݢ�>�ƺp�W�d5`��n���v������v�צSu�P��~3H)�n�e>�I��,�q�����:��/S��UC�@�wzt^n4��4� Planning, Resolution and Monitoring, which take place in PID. A common part of formal project methodologies such as PRINCE2[4] the document is a major milestone in the Initiating a Project process. Please look for them carefully. In that case most of stakeholders are flexible and about to reconsider the launch date or reducing the scope. ISO/IEC 20000® is a registered trademark of ISO. [according to whom?]. • Was planning monitored and targets met? endobj �\d��������+c*�/]@:��&!��A�����rK�w�:�c�"oL��̻��į�DT|���� /F0 6 0 R • Was there a formal process for issue management? PID scheme needs to be included along any budgetary constrains and provided the assumptions the team used when they estimate as well as details about how often the review will be estimates. Source: Checklist "Post Implementation Review - PIR" from the ITIL Process Map V2. But a Project Charter is less detailed, which makes it more suitable for cases in which content producers are less available.[2]. The pivotal role plays the identification of responsibilities, which implies roles of project manager, team leader, sponsor, supplier, user representative, stakeholders and members of steering committee.[17]. It is only after these stages are complete that your PID will be of a sufficient standard to be approved and passed onto the Programme Board for funding. H��W˒۶���,'U3�y7�8�+�O��x���E2)]������x��v����~��p�����b/'��gw��{��AQ�~s�V쑹����3��S�~��ʒ$.�iD��k�Y�e}g��2�簾f�4r���.�!�D8"ʹH�V�Բ�gcǪ�����F4���^��׃Mת�ٮ�P��p��'�H�eI�{�I��^��L4m�L�fv��p�iw�)�ow�]�"n���(�[!�$��ߧa �5��v���3�343wƺ, �m���̾�>u_��$�H��. /Font << • Was planning completed prior to the start of each phase? The project will be achieved by a cross-functional team with experienced representatives from multiple departments including Development, Interactive, Test, Networking, Infrastructure and Business Systems, Security and Marketing.

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