Recommended by Emily Pelky, tasting room manager. Wine recommendations for the holidays at Brys Estate in Traverse City, Michigan.Brys Estate. When you put the two together, the wines will taste fruitier, and the meat will taste less gamey. Recommended by Michael Hunter, 2 Lads operations manager. Chateau Chantal is located on the Old Mission Peninsula of Traverse City, Michigan. 6. EXAMPLES: Yoghurt Sauce, Blue Cheese Sauce, Béarnaise, Bechamel, Stroganoff, Peppercorn Sauce We offer one exceptional wine each day at 30-70% discount off retail. With stroganoff opt for an earthy French Syrah. The palate is polished with notes of grapefruit and ginger spice, finishing with a balanced minerality. Apple crisp and lively tangerine on the palate. *Selections made by general manager Rick DeBlasio of Shady Lane Cellars. Need a few examples? Which wine … USA Wines Vintage Chart 2017, 2016, 2015 ... Pairings for 5428 Foods and 1705 Wines from 23 Countries, Red Wine of California - Livermore Valley - San Francisco Bay - Syrah (Shiraz), Red Wine of California - Monterey - Pinot Noir, Red Wine of California - Sonoma Coast - Pinot Noir. Bold red wines complement steaks, chops, and barbecue. When he's not spilling wine on his keyboard he can be found wandering the aisles in the warehouse with a Coravin in hand, whispering to bottles "This will only hurt for a second". 2018 Gamay Noir ($16), Chateau Grand Traverse, 23. To match the bright flavors of this citrusy sauce, look for a medium-bodied white with zip. Our bottle pick is rich enough to complement roast pork, but being from a cool region, also has the acidity and minerality to work with savory herbs. Need a few examples? A succulent package all together. Round Barn Salted Caramel Cream ($29.99), Round Barn Winery, 9. 2019 Pinot Noir Rose Vin Gris ($16), Chateau Grand Traverse, 25. Not too dry, but not sweet- just the right sweetness level to satisfy most palates. Chardonnay Add a little rice to fill out the meal, or pile the pork and slaw on tortillas for a scrumptious south-of-the-border dinner. Wines are all available in the tasting room, online and specialty wine shops. Recommended bottle: Charles Smith Wines “Kung Fu Girl” Riesling 2007 (Columbia Valley). Ice Wine is a sweet and rich wine made from grapes left to naturally freeze on the vine. *Selections by Coenraad Stassen, Brys Winemaker. 2018 Gamay Noir ($16) - Most great combinations come to life when the flavors complement each other. The fresh bread nose is typical of wine produced in the methode champenoise. Whether you are in sequins or PJs treat yourself to Talis, our estate grown, bottle fermented sparkling wine. Pair with: Chardonnay. The Mountain Road Riesling is our most awarded Dry White Wine. This beautiful wine shows hints of red raspberry and watermelon on the nose with a soft, fruit-forward mid-palate. All wines available in the tasting room, online and in local stores. chicken stock up to 500ml. Our bottle pick, from chilly, acid-hugging Green Valley, works. With lasagna topped with Bechamel, seek out a medium-bodied red like Valpolicella Ripasso. You might well be thinking of accompanying it with something more Italianate like a salsa verde, in which case a dry Italian white or a decent Valpolicella or Chianti would be a good choice. Pairs well with pizza, prime rib and holiday stuffing. Riesling It can also hold its own with Asian cuisine, mildly spiced curry and sushi, You’ll love it because: It is so easy to pair with most of your holiday food options and is another wine to surprise your guests with. Blanc ($25) - 80% Chardonnay, 20% Riesling, all grown on the Leelanau Peninsula. Serve with your favorite holiday appetizers – oysters on the half shell, spinach artichoke dip, bruschetta (extra capers on mine, please) – or pair it with an elegant meal of lemon butter scallops. PAIRINGS: Find medium-bodied red wines with ample acidity to match the acidity in the tomatoes: Sangiovese, Merlot, Carménère, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, and Bardolino. Easy to whip up for a weeknight dinner, pork stir-fry is extremely flexible. They are all available in the tasting room and online. Recipe: Spicy Eggplant, Pork, and Tofu Stir-Fry. Round Barn Farm Market Cranberry ($13.99) - Just the right amount of tart and sweet for a refreshing and flavorful treat. The high tannin in bold red wines act as a palate cleansing astringent with fatty cuts of beef. Fruit-driven Zinfandel will match well with sweet barbecue sauces, while tangier, vinegar-based sauces might like a robust rosé from Tavel. You’ll love it because: Who doesn’t love a little bit of Naughty at the holidays? (Also available at your local retailer.). BRIO Bubble Vibes ($7 per can, $26 for 4-pack), Shady Lane Cellars, 29. Stir-fries often combine spice, sweetness, and umami, which calls for the ultimate pairing wine: Riesling. (Come visit my “one stop shop” on Amazon for more fun and useful products) .You … You’ll love it because: A classic Blanc de Blanc with an unexpected fruity component from the Riesling, this wine is comfort in a glass. Our bottle pick also happens to be fruity enough to tame the robust heat in this chili and juicy enough to link to the three kinds of tender pork. Why make the same old thing when you can cook up a chili rich and smoky with bacon and Spanish chorizo, mellowed by whiskey, and fired up with chipotles? It all depends on the cut and preparation of the dish. As an unoaked version of this classic grape, Pinot Grigio is very light with delicate minerality. Zinfandel: The bold, jammy wine is a great choice to pair with grilled steak and barbecued red meats. Find your next food pairing on this intelligent poster. With a peppercorn sauce, match with wines with peppery notes such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. Hours: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. everyday, curbside and online orders only through Dec. 8. Grilling this roast over charcoal is a little complicated, but the results are worth it—the crust is crisper and the meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender. *Selections by Claire Lepine, marketing manager. Recommended by Chris Baldyga, owner. 25. While pork chops can often veer towards the bland side of the pig, they are actually super versatile. The brown sugar and pepper in the pork rub pull out sweet fruit and spices in the wine; the sage likes its foresty side. Sangiovese. Recipe: Marinated Roast Pork with Cilantro Potatoes. Marinating ribs in already-prepared harissa paste, a Tunisian spice, saves time and guarantees spicy, lick-your-fingers-good ribs.

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