In ours, perhaps, it is the love of money. They push the handle round, and the push that carries the handle round half the circumference of the millstone may be a bit of religious worship, and the push that carries it round the other half may be a bit of serving the world and the flesh and the devil. From new principles. And wherever these results are wrought within us we can dispense with much that is merely outward and palpable. Are they any gainers, if they indulge the same spirit of display, etc., in a quiet party, or in a religious meeting? Today, I am so thankful for the word of God and how its truth has blessed my life. it is far, far more likely that the Christian should have stepped out of his narrow path, than that the worldling should have forsaken his, to walk, even for a moment, with the Christian. To lay down a rule for all lives is as difficult as to prescribe a diet for all constitutions. Keep away from the edge. Many of the plans for the social and moral renovation of the world are as superficial as a doctor's treatment would be, who would direct all his attention to curing pimples when the patient is dying of consumption.2. HOW IT MAY BE PREVENTED. And so, says Paul, the beginning of transformations of character is the renovation in the very centre of the being. Maclaren, D.D. But take courage, O child of God! He goes deep down, because he had learned in His school who said: "Make the tree good and the fruit good." It is a dangerous game, like children trying how far they can stretch out of the nursery window without tumbling into the street; you will go over some day when you miscalculate a little bit. (1 John 2:15,16)According to both of these passages, the close relationship that is forged by our conformity with the world is incompatible with our relationship with God. HOW IT MAY BE PREVENTED. Where are they forbidden in Scripture?" The issue of such a life is, to put it into plain English, an increased power of perceiving, instinctively and surely, what it is God's will that we should do. It is only a little seed that is sown in our hearts; we have to cherish and cultivate it, to water it by our prayers, and to watch over it, lest either the fowls of the air with light wings should carry it away, or the heavy wains of the world's business and pleasures should crush it to death, or the thorns of earthly desires should spring up and choke it.II. It is profoundly true that "as a man thinketh, so is he." When we are renewing our minds we will discern and know what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfect will of God. So that likeness and adherence to the one must needs be dead in the teeth of the other.2. When any public question is debated, the question is, "What side are the respectable people on?" We must be moulded after the same type. (1) If they answer — Because they are sinful, they say what they cannot prove. SIGNS OF OUR BEING TRANSFORMED. (1)His anger to love (Isaiah 66:2). Its company and conduct.II. Only one Christ presents itself, not as a mere republication of morality, not as merely a new stimulus and motive to do what is right, but as an actual communication to men of a new power to work in them. )The world, danger ofAs you love your souls, beware of the world: it has slain its thousands and ten thousands. It is a new gift of a life which will unfold itself after its own nature, as the bud into flower, and the flower into fruit; giving new desires, tastes, directions, and renewing the whole nature. It is a commandment which we have to brace ourselves to perform. HOW IT MUST BE AVOIDED.1. Till transformed —1. Consciences (Acts 24:16).4. "The world: difficult to defineC. From new principles. Beware, too, of that religion which is anxious to take up its lodging next door to the world. It is He alone who can make the Son partaker of your human nature, without making Him to be as fallen man; it is He alone who can make you partakers of the Son's Divine nature, without making you to be as God.2. The believer should at all times test every relationship into which he is brought, to see whether beneath its possibly plausible and pleasant surface there may not lurk the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. SIGNS OF OUR BEING TRANSFORMED. Suited to their case and circumstances, deserving of their acceptance, sure to become more and more well-pleasing as they entered more and more into its spirit. (3) Rather "be ye transfigured," and then you will find that when the inner mind is changed, many of the things that attracted tempt no more, and many of the people that wanted to have you do not care to have you, for you are a wet blanket to their enjoyments. We are separated from the world to God (1 Peter 2:9-12).2. Now, I suppose that in my text the word "mind" is not so much employed in the widest sense, including all the affections and will, and the other faculties of our nature, as in the narrower sense of the perceptive power, or that faculty in our nature by which we recognise, and make our own, certain truths. To a new end (1 Corinthians 10:31; Matthew 5:16).V. Till transformed —1. )Worldliness: its spirit permanent, its forms changefulW. "Oh!" Why, you would say, 'What a nasty, foul, and filthy appetite Rowland Hill has, to have to go to carrion for a treat!' (3)Not interruptedly, but constantly (Luke 1:75).3. Now, I suppose that in my text the word "mind" is not so much employed in the widest sense, including all the affections and will, and the other faculties of our nature, as in the narrower sense of the perceptive power, or that faculty in our nature by which we recognise, and make our own, certain truths. Meditate upon it.4. In that event our Lord's indwelling divinity came up to the surface and became visible.1. Make of your every thought an action; link every action with a thought. In today's passage Paul gives us the key to being living sacrifices. It is only a little spark that has to kindle a great heap of green wood, and to turn it into its own ruddy likeness. This, then, is the reward. (3)Not interruptedly, but constantly (Luke 1:75).3. Did you never see goodness making men and women beautiful? )Nonconformity to the worldDean Vaughan.There are two words for world, αἰών and κόσμος. It is clear enough that if a new likeness is being stamped upon a man, the process may be looked at from the other side; and that in proportion as we become liker Jesus Christ, we shall become more unlike the old type to which we were previously conformed. And so in this. This new creation of the inner man is only possible as the result of the communication of a life from without; the life of Jesus, put into your heart, on condition of your opening the door of your heart by faith, and saying, "Come in, Thou blessed of the Lord." That is the world's way; but there is a way which is not the way of the world. How opposite are the two habits, namely, being "conformed to this world," and being "transformed," etc. In other words, applying the word of God is what affects your life. Yet it remains the same, not only in the consciousness of personal identity, but in the main trend and drift of the character. The former regards time, the latter space. 2:2, NASB margin.) We ask whether one renewed in the image of God would find himself a welcome guest there? But remember in proportion to the dignity given by an unworldly spirit to a worldly virtue is the mischief wrought by the absence of worldly virtues in those who call themselves unworldly. (2) And there are a great many things in which not to be "conformed to the world" means to have nothing to do with certain acts and people. In its thirst after wealth, in its restless strivings after fame and glory, in its grasping selfishness, in its love of splendour and show, we question whether the world, as it presents itself to the Christian of the nineteenth century wears any materially different aspect from that of the world of the apostle's days. "Be not conformed to the world" is defined by "Be ye transformed," etc. From new principles. (2) If they say, we object to these things because they are worldly, then they will be asked, What is the essential difference between the amusement in question, and some other which they hold lawful? This is the way to drive out likeness to the world. A son yielding obedience to his father's will reluctantly, never can be acquainted with its true character and blessedness; but let him throw himself heart and soul into the doing of it, then will he prove it of what sort it is. Each is alternately accuser and accused; while the ungodly consequently declare that it is quite impossible to say what is and what is not worldly.2. By —1. To ask for a law when this reason is given would be as unmeaning as to ask for a law of the land forbidding all imprudence in our diet, or exposure to the weather, or to the risk of infection. ; and in the trial of them you find that "wisdom's ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace."(R. It must be at best but a suspicious cup that meets tastes which should be opposite — it must be at best a suspicious path in which, even for a moment, the Christian walks hand in hand with the man of this world. And just as every leaf that you take off some plants and stick into a flower-pot will in time become a little plant exactly like the parent from which it was taken, so the Christ-life that is in you will be growing into a copy of its source and origin.

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