Manning Park Resort Premium Cabins: #5DadsGoWild Winter Edition. A gambit is an early move that is designed to secure some sort of advantage. We most often see gambit misused for gamut in the phrase "run the ____." What does running the gambit mean? What’s the deal with people confusing these two words? Even if you can't be a professional chef, you can at least talk like one with this vocabulary quiz. Not that I disagree with the conclusion of this article (“What is not acceptable is mixing up ‘running the gauntlet’ with ‘running the gamut. Q: I keep hearing “gamut” misused, as in “run the gambit,” which doesn’t make sense. By night, I'm still a writer and editor. Though spelled differently enough, their pronunciation is almost identical because of the schwa vowel sound in the second syllable of both: It's perhaps for this reason that the less common word—gambit—sometimes is used where the context in fact calls for gamut. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Although the term “gambit” has expanded significantly from its original chess usage, American Heritage concludes, “the phrase run the gambit is a mistake.” We’ll add that “run the gamete” is too, despite that procreative exception. The earliest example we’ve found is from Fuad: King of Egypt, a 1936 biography by the Indian author Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah: “Zaghlul was the popular idol, and anyone who was even faintly critical of his activities must perforce run the gambit of mob disapproval.”. You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free. Medieval custom took those protective gloves pretty seriously: to "throw down the gauntlet" was to issue a challenge; to "pick up the gauntlet" was to accept one. We Asked, You Answered. | Privacy Policy, What’s Up Wednesdays: Bunnies and Ravines, Movie Review Weekend: How to Train Your Dragon, The Karate Kid, Resident Evil Afterlife, Grown Ups. Here's a pair of words: gambit and gamut. Thus, I fling down the gauntlet for him to accept by going back on radio and make correction to all information he gave and aired about me as they are derisive and stigmatic to my personality. Gambit often appears in the phrase "opening gambit," where it means "first move." That makes sense. In Origins of the Specious, our book about language myths and misunderstandings, we discuss malapropisms and eggcorns, as well as spoonerisms and mondegreens, two other kinds of language bloopers. The next example is from Flim-Flams! Set your young readers up for lifelong success. Where to begin?! Unfortunately my attempt at humour was met with a couple of sharp intakes of breath and has resulted in a sudden drop new Musicians joining UK Orchestras. The term “malapropism” refers to the unintentionally comic misuse of a word, especially by confusing it with a similar-sounding one. Now we'll look at why each goes where it does. The original opening gambit is a chess move—a player's first in a game—in which a bishop's pawn is sacrificed to gain some advantage. I am sure I have only read “run the full gamut”, at least that is the phrase that is at the forefront of my mind. If you "run the gauntlet" you endure a trial or ordeal. Good English grammar lesson Michael. His opponent, if willing to fight, would pick up the gauntlet. A medieval custom gave rise to figurative expressions still used in modern English: one knight would challenge another by throwing down one of his gauntlets. Interestingly, “run the gamete” is almost as popular as “run the gambit” in general online searches, and one of the examples we’ve found even uses the expression correctly: “Hotels run the gamete” is a Nov. 3, 2005, headline in USA Today about Caribbean procreation vacations that include romantic dinners, spa treatments, and island potions said to increase the chances of a pregnancy. The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Mistakes of today become the usages of tomorrow. As it was a small group of no more than ten of us, the format of his presentation was more like an open discussion. I thought it was gamit, or gamut, but couldn't find any useful info on-line, so I thought I'd ask. CORRECT : Treatment ran the gamut from kindness to torture. On the Ngram Viewer chart beginning with 1800, “to run the gauntlet” is by far the more common form. Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Well done. Study Up With Our Official SCRABBLE Dictionary. What is the correct expression when you mean to say that something encompasses the full range? A gauntlet is an armored glove with longer sleeves. As a professional Session Musician, Performer, Composer and Orchestrator the term “run the gamut” is part of everyday conversation and vocabulary. Posted by Michael Kwan | Feb 10, 2011 | Freelance Life, Grammar & Idioms | 5. A: Yes, “run the gambit” is on the loose, but “run the gamut” is much more popular in the Corpus of Contemporary American English, the British National Corpus, and News on the Web, a database from online newspapers and magazines. It’s a corrupted form of the Swedish word gatlopp, which was borrowed into English with the meaning “military punishment in which the offender runs between rows of men who beat him in passing.”, Early spellings of gatlopp in English were gantelope and gantlope. Mabel the Cat picked up the gauntlet: decked out in her best beret, she faced her audience and began to moonwalk. Help support the Grammarphobia Blog with your donation. What does the gamut mean? What does running the gambit mean? [Mid-1800s]. By the time gantlope had become gauntlet, the earlier sense of gauntlet had been part of the language for about 200 years. So: “Run the gamut from A to Z.” Required fields are marked *. Definition of run the gamut in the Idioms Dictionary. I do wonder if there was a deliberate mistake thrown in as we’ve spent an otherwise enlightening few hours in the company of an esteemed author and wordsmith. For all inquiries regarding collaboration opportunities or marketing campaigns, please use the contact form. Men fell back on either side so that he ran the gauntlet through their ranks. You can use "run the gantlet" if you like, but it is significantly less common.). “Villa options run the gambit from deluxe pads to rustic fincas” (from the July, 18, 2015, issue of the Guardian). Extend over an entire range, as in His music runs the gamut from rock to classical. To say that something includes all the items within a prescribed group or type, you would say that it runs the gamut. Look it up now! In the Middle Ages, a gauntlet was a reinforced glove, usually made of leather, covered with plates of steel. Thanks for I was able to correct myself today regarding “gambit”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ©2006-2020 Michael Kwan Freelance Writing Services. INCORRECT: Their experiences ran the gauntlet from “sadistic preferential” pedophiles, to serial killers who were depressive or enraged… Bill Riveron, The Trojan Killer, AuthorHouse, 2011. Enter your email address to subscribe to the blog by email. And here’s a double whammy from the official record of an April 1, 1959, hearing about freight car shortages, held by a US Senate subcommittee in Kansas City, Kansas: “All the cars that go out to my district, the main industry of which is lumber, have to run the gambit in California, or they have to run the gambit in Washington.” (The speaker, Rep. Charles O. Porter, an Oregon Democrat, addressed the Freight Car Shortage Subcommittee of the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.). If I don’t put a disclaimer, people will make fun of my now ugly grammar. Hi, I'm Michael. Feel free to let me know through the comment form below. Mistakes of today become the usages of tomorrow. Use these words well. Bottom line: “To run the gauntlet” is the more common version of the expression that means, “to run past a row of people who are trying to hurt you.” It can be used either literally or figuratively: Political prisoners in Tehran’s Evin prison have allegedly been forced to run a gauntlet of armed guards armed with batons.

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