4.7 out of 5 stars 174. Now we are going one step further and enabling you to order our belts to your own specification. Some individuals like the double prong style, as they find these belts offer even more stability. If you would like a size not listed, simply get in touch with your measurements and we'll handle it. Here are our general sizing guidelines once you have your measurement: For regular gym goers and bodybuilders, we've found the 6-7mm belt is ideal. The majority of people like the edging because they think it will make the belt look “more complete.” This is a personal preference and has no impact on the belt whatsoever but hey, that’s what this is all about. Sign-up to be notified when this product is available! We also stock lightweight vinyl weightlifting belts from Schiek, HumanX by Harbinger, 2-Ply, and more. Interested in having your very own Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt created for you? You need to measure the area between the hips and ribs. I’ve developed the Iron Attitude brand to offer HIGH-END, HAND-MADE custom weight belts with DOZENS and DOZENS of unique options so you can create a belt that represents YOU. By signing up, you agree to Rogue's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. $25.50 $ 25. Double prong belts and quick release belts both have their purposes. This is the perfect way to let people know who the F*** you are! The Pioneer brand has made these “tough as nails” belts for 35+ years but has now entered the customized game. For men, this results in that 'v-taper' shape that great lats result in. All Rights Reserved. Custom Laser Engraved Belts. Noobies should not rely solely on a weightlifiting belt to ensure they can move more weight. I've been an athlete my entire life and going to the gym has been a staple since I was 18. You’ve probably been thinking that since you’ve bee... What Is The Best Weight Lifting Belt? The Core Blaster Squat Attachment with Belt is designed to be a small footprint, versatile piece for home gyms, commercial gyms, and much more. We offer four different buckle types, including: The best buckle type for your needs depends on your preferences and how you'll be using the custom weightlifting belt. The best buckle type for your needs depends on your preferences and how you'll be using the custom weightlifting belt. I started Iron Attitude because of a serious lack of quality custom weight belt options available in an ever booming fitness industry. A weight belt can look damn good on you in the gym. My favorite belt so far that we have created has Philippians 4:13 embroidered on the back. Use the brief guide above to help you create the absolute perfect weightlifting belt for your needs. © Hey guys, I just received my belt and wanted to shoot you an email saying how happy I am with it, it looks even more, I received my belt! The genuine leather Rogue Ohio Belt and Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt are just two of the quality lifting belts available to order from Rogue. Our levers are made from stainless steel and come with a lifetime guarantee. Once this occurs, the resulting compression throughout the lower back and discs can decrease by a similar percentage...leading to a significant reduction in pressure on your lower back and spine overall. Sometimes there's enough space to add one line of text and a logo. Striving to take things to the next level is what we do. Thank you again so much. ☆, If not your name, nickname or pro status, why not, @veronica.istrate.ivi.pt putting in that work acro, Hotttttttttt pink. You know the quality of the products you’ll receive because they’re already tested by all our customers, 4.) If you would like a size not listed, simply get in touch with your measurements and we'll handle it.To find your ideal size, you'll want to measure your waist between around the belly button. If you purchase a minimum order quantity of 1000 units or more we’ll manufacture our same custom leather weightlifting belt with your logo or brand name on them. Our edging is all done by hand here in the shop. 545 E 5th Ave Well,  I quickly discovered the mediocre belt personalization options offered at outrageous fees that were not customer friendly. Pink Tapered Weight Belt – Custom Print $ 110.00. Popular colours include: The inside of our customized weightlifting belts are made of premium leather or high-quality suede. Our goal is to provide you with the best weightlifting belts around and premium customization options. A simple way to get your belt squats in at a low cost without taking up most of your garage space. Or simply help you stay injury-free while getting those gains. If you’re looking for the best weightlifting shoes then I know exactly what you’re thinking. We’ve searched far and wide for the finest leathers and metals that go into making a premium belt. If we can create the product for you we’ll even make a pre production sample to send to you to view before you place your order so you know the quality that you’ll be getting when you place your order, (Pre production sample costs are typically $200 for labor, product molds, and shipping). The stitch color can either blend in or contrast your design making the belt more noticeable or faded. Designed to the highest standards with premium materials, like the finest leathers and metals, every item out of our workshop is unique. We make belts that are guaranteed for life. You are unique. Create your Bespoke Belt here! Karina Elle is a world-renowned fitness model, trainer, and a former cheerleader from Florida.

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