Search baby names. 13 weeks. Unique boy names starting with "J" Refine your search Baby Names Finder. In the Old Testament, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho (hence, the song) and led the Isrealites to the Promised Land.... Jesus Christ is the central figure of the Bible's New Testament, and Christianity is founded on his life and teachings. All pregnancy, parenting, and birth videos > advertisement Your pregnancy week by week 2 weeks. Boy names group; Cast your vote. Theme. If you think everyone knows someone named John, you're probably right. Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With J. This unisex... Add a Dash of Magic to Your Next Celebration With These Disney Cakes, All the Inspiration You Need for a Magical Minnie Mouse Party, Bond with Your Little One This #DisneyWeekend with a Coloring Session, We Can’t Get Enough of These Mickey Recipes, A Walt Disney Imagineer Shares What Inspires Her to Create Magic Every Day, Festive Ways to Deck the Halls This #DisneyWeekend. 4 weeks. A look through some unexpected sources might be the key to finding an original moniker for your son. This name has long been out of fashion, but its stuffy British feel could make it poised for a comeback. Least Popular J Names for Boys . Contains. You’re expecting a sweet baby boy! J is for classic boy names like Jacob, John, Jason, and Jeffrey, but also lesser-known names like Jäger, Jalen, Jett, and Justice. Origin. Powered by Mai Theme, Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers, Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teenage & College-Age Girls, Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teenage & College Aged Boys, Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women, after 2017, it was outside of the top 10 baby names. These unique boy names weren't on them. 14 weeks. Hebrew: Dove; In the Bible, Jonah the prophet was swallowed by a great fish and safely emerged from his belly three days later. Kinslee or Addilyn ? Ends with. Syllables. It's more modern... Hebrew: Praised; In the Bible, one of Jacob''s twelve sons and the ancestor of the tribe of Judah. Hebrew: Descending; a pre-flood biblical name related to Jordan. As new parents experiment more with names and find new sources of inspiration, it's become more difficult to find a truly unique baby boy name. And now you’re on the hunt for that perfect baby boy name.. Here’s a great list of 27 letter J names for boys to start you off and maybe, just maybe, your son’s soon-to-be name will be on the list!. The name may... Josiah was the boy king who had a spiritual awakening at the age of 8, and during his reign, dedicated himself to restoring... Often used as a nickname for the name John back in the day, Jack has climbed the beanstalk of baby names to become a relatively... Jeremiah is experiencing a surge in popularity, surpassing Jeremy, Jerome, and Jermaine. Boy names Exclude top 1000 names Starts with "J" Clear all. 8 weeks. 11 weeks. Is your baby the biggest gift of all? 5 weeks. See the full list of baby boy names starting with J. Popularity. advertisement Featured video. 1-40 of 10,282 results Sort by: Jaxen: Removed from list. 3 weeks. Updated Nov 13 2020, 6:24 PM. 12 weeks. Then the name Jesse might be appropriate. 15 weeks. Aldo or Albert? EMAIL; SHARE; When tasked with naming their baby boy, all parents strive for a name that exemplifies how special their sure-to-be-prodigious offspring will be. Arthur or Mathew ? February 3, 2020 by Alessia Santoro. If you want to give your new son a timeless and traditional name, choose from John and James, or Joey and Jordan. While it’s fun to see what lots of other people are naming their babies, many people prefer to find baby names that are more uncommon. Baby Names; Boy Names That Start With J 65 Names Starting With J That You’ll Want to Give Your Baby Boy in 2020.

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