To imagine how a professional telescope works. Small diagonal flat (DF) placed in the focal zone of the secondary mirror directs the light out to the side, where is located tertiary mirror; it forms the final focus out at the opposite side. The mirror at the Gran Telescopio Canarias, Observatorio Roque de los Muchachos, Making a reflector telescope GOAL: To build a simple reflector telescope and note its use of mirrors. Most amateur telescope makers (ATMs) build a Newtonian telescope, a design named for its inventor, Sir Isaac Newton. If you are buying a mirror, make sure it is parabolic, not spherical. The mirror is the hardest part. The method is applied to the task of drawing a ray diagram for an object located beyond the center of curvature (C) of a concave mirror. It's simple and easy to make AND use. - cutting secondary mirror from makeup mirror The method for drawing ray diagrams for concave mirror is described below. Homemade Telescope: Here's my first Instructable on how to make a homemade telescope! - Remove the 2 side of a makeup mirror to be a concave lens and a secondary mirror. Yet the same method works for drawing a ray diagram for any object location. It needs to be a precisely figured paraboloid. 1. I had found out that putting a magnifying and minimizing glass together gave the sort of effect that you have in telescopes. MATERIALS: -a concave mirror (with some magnification), like the ones you have in the bathroom. Most Newtonian primary mirrors have either a spherical or a parabolic shaped concave face. The heart of the Newtonian telescope is its primary mirror. Unlike most other mirrors in your home, the mirror coating of a FIGURE 128: A - Aplanatic three-mirror telescope 3A with spherical concave primary and secondary, and with ellipsoidal (prolate ellipsoid) concave tertiary. From the experiment, makeup mirror can use to be a telescope mirror but the picture is not clear as the real telescope mirror, but it is cheapest.

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