The goal is to provide CLEAR pictures of each pattern. She pours this love of all things sweet (and sometimes savory) into Bakeable, Taste of Home's baking club. “But when I touched it, it was sticky, and I realized that the seller put some oil on it to make it shine again,” she says. Did you know you can get that brand’s iconic blue and white bakeware made new? And it can sometimes be confusing as to which category a particular pattern belongs. This can mean that the condition is less than excellent. While they don’t have the same kind of flair, we can’t help but love their bold color. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. Vintage Pyrex Bowl Woodland Pattern Vintage Pyrex 10” bowl in Woodland pattern. The decorative design or color scheme appeared for a year or more, but only on a specific set of bowls or on a selection of pieces far fewer than those of a more complete standard pattern collection. I have a thing for Spring Blossom, as you can see, and of course Verde coordinates so well with it! The dish also featured an opal lid—very unusual, as Pyrex lids are almost exclusively clear glass until 1972, when the opal becomes more standard on several shapes. The edge of the…. I plan to change this up quite a bit, from season to season, with different Pyrex. Standard patterns are those whose collections were typically comprised of a full range of dishes and bowls, and were marketed for two or more years.. These included white butterprint on a pink background, and pink and orange butterprint on the opal background. The company often marketed them as gifts for holidays. Accessories were a big deal with promotional Pyrex. Variants of some patterns were available through store premium or stamp redemption programs. In the tests of this pattern, the green grass bled through the light pink hearts. Even something as common as everyday Pyrex still has a few limited run patterns … Woodland was produce by Pyrex from 1978 to 1983. Icons link to a page with expanded information. They are very rare.”, “The turquoise starburst space saver is very popular and I think now costs around $400,” says Capp. This pattern was unnamed when it was introduced in 1958 and simply marketed as a chip and dip gift set. Perhaps the term came to be used for Pyrex ware much in the same way it is for china or flatware. “Most Pyrex has a stamp on the bottom, though a couple are unmarked, like the large Eyes bowl and the Turquoise Diamonds bowl,” says Capp. Explore Gracie's Pyrex's photos on Flickr. Common or not, we love these dishes, especially when used to serve up these ’70s cocktail party recipes. This pattern holds great significance for Pyrex lovers, so much so that the company re-released it in March of 2018, although the newer pattern was on clear glass and didn’t have the same pastels as the original Lucky in Love. A full set of vintage Pyrex Cinderella bowls (the term for these stacking dishes with built-in handles) is hard to come by. Even more rare than the black and yellow gooseberry, there are a few sets of beige bowls with a golden Gooseberry pattern, which was released as an employee gift. Gracie's Pyrex has uploaded 790 photos to Flickr. Explore Crazy bowl lady's photos on Flickr. But there are also several coveted, rare Pyrex patterns, in various colors and shapes, that only the most serious collectors seek (and save up for). Introduced in 1960, it is thought that the starburst pattern was only produced for a year or less. The Rainbow Stripe Mixing Bowl was discontinued in 1967 after only two years of production, adding to its elusiveness. ~ Sitemap, This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to or its affiliates.

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