Shamash-shum-ukin was no more pleased than he had been before at being his brother’s puppet, however, and in 652 BCE openly rebelled. By the 650s BC, the enmity between the brothers Shamash-shum-ukin and Ashurbanipal had become apparent. In 639 BC, Ashurbanipal named the year (years were generally named after people in ancient Assyria, often military officials) after his chief musician, Bulluṭu, which Assyriologist Julian E. Reade saw as the move of an "irresponsible and self-indulgent" king. He marched toward Thebes and sacked many revolting cities. He elevated Babylon to its former status as a great city and refers to Shamash-shum-ukin as “my favorite brother”. A letter from Zakir, a courtier at Shamash-shum-ukin's court, to Ashurbanipal described how visitors from the Sea Land had publicly criticized Ashurbanipal in front of Shamash-shum-ukin, using the phrase "this is not the word of a king!". He is well known for creating an enormous library in his capital of Nineveh that housed about 30,000 clay tablets. After his defeat, Shamash-shum-ukin committed suicide by setting his own palace on fire. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The new king, Indabibi, was also eventually murdered. Shamash-shum-ukin appears to have tired of Ashurbanipal's rule by 653 BC; inscriptions from Babylon suggest that Ashurbanipal had been managing the affairs of Shamash-shum-ukin and had been essentially dictating his decrees. With little attention given to Egypt, the kingdom would slowly slip away from Assyrian control without the need for a bloody conflict. The king also fought against his brother Shamash-shum-ukin who hated the former for his overbearing control over him. 3 (1925). In 654 bc the Assyrian garrisons were expelled from Egypt, but trade continued so that this loss resulted in little weakening of his position. He is best known for his vast library at Nineveh, which he himself considered his greatest achievement. Prior to its discovery, there was a widespread notion that the Bible was the oldest book and a work without precedent, an idea which was decisively disproven with the discovery of the library. Assyrian Soldiers Engaging with Nubian Soldiers at Memphisby Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin (CC BY-NC-SA). AbydosDynasty He turned against the kings and regents whom my own father had appointed in Egypt. [49] Humban-haltash was briefly replaced as king by Tammaritu II, who regained his throne. Ancient History Encyclopedia. J. Selected as heir by his father in 672 BC despite not being the eldest son, Ashurbanipal ascended to the throne in 669 BC jointly with his elder brother Shamash-shum-ukin, who became king of Babylon. "Ashurbanipal." Elam lay open and undefended. He was succeeded by his son, Ashur-etil-ilani. The chronology of these campaigns is uncertain and based on the series of annals Ashurbanipal wrote, although the narrative appears to have been slightly altered over the course of a few years. [9] The two princes arrived at the capital of Nineveh together and partook in a celebration with foreign representatives and Assyrian nobles and soldiers. Since Ashurbanipal did not know his brother had invited the Elamites to Babylon, Shamash-shum-ukin continued with his rule and Ashurbanipal continued to dictate it. In the place of Yauta a loyal Arabian warlord called Abiyate was granted kingship of the Qedarites. During the early years of his reign, Ashurbanipal fought against Egypt. [62], One possible way to justify a 42-year reign of Ashurbanipal is by assuming there was a coregency between him and Ashur-etil-ilani, but there had never been a coregency in prior Assyrian history and the idea is explicitly contradicted by Ashur-etil-ilani's own inscriptions which describe him as ascending to the throne after the end of his father's reign. In 649 BC, Tammaritu II was deposed in a battle. Probably owing to the influential queen mother Naqi’a-Zakutu, Ashurbanipal was given responsibility earlier. Ashurbanipal: Ashurbanipal was a ruler in the Neo-Assyrian Empire who governed near the end of the empire's lifespan. The Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal, a set of Assyrian palace reliefs from Ashurbanipal's palace, can be seen at the British Museum in London. The struggle with Elam was harder; war there dragged on until 639 bc, when the Assyrians sacked Susa. Kandalanu's realm was the same as Shamash-shum-ukin's with the exception of the city of Nippur, which Ashurbanipal converted into a powerful Assyrian fortress. Some Rights Reserved (2009-2020) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted. The British Museum - Blog - Who Was Ashurbanipal? His name means "the god Ashur is creator of an heir" and he was the son of King Esarhaddon of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. In the 14th century BC, the millenniumold state of Assyria, once the powerhouse in Mesopotamia, broke the dominion of the neighbouring Mitanni kingdom and launched campaigns of conquest. A fierce war ensued between Teumann and Ashurbanipal. Some local Assyrians expressed fears that the statue resembled the legendary Mesopotamian hero Gilgamesh more than it resembled the actual Ashurbanipal. Related Content Prior to leaving on campaign, however, he had fortunately decided to set his affairs in order. I read the cunning tablets of Sumer and the dark Akkadian language which is difficult to rightly use; I took my pleasure in reading stones inscribed before the flood.

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