Because God was going to promise Abram a massive new family stemming from him, he therefore had to come out from his own natural family. Of this long period his seed was to be a stranger in a land that was not theirs for four hundred years Genesis 15:13. , and they went forth together from Ur of the Chaldeans to go into the land of Canaan, but when they came to Haran, they settled there. God appeared to Abraham in Mesopotamia and commanded him to leave the Chaldeans. This is reaffirms the context of Genesis 12. . In reality, those exiles who returned (Note: The force of this difference cannot be set aside by the objection that the New Testament writers follow the usage of the Septuagint, where יהוה מלאך is rendered ἄγγελος κυρίου. to leave his own native land. as with those who would fain follow his example, that faith was (n) Though the oracle of God came to Abram, yet the honour is given to Terah, because he was the father. Whether we are talking triplets or twins somewhere here, is another question, but the birth order seems self-evident (. But there are two ways to go about it, and each way gives us a different picture of what the biblical writer is trying to do in Genesis. But when He had established a covenant with him after the flood, and thereby had assured the continuance of the earth and of the human race, the direct manifestations ceased, for God withdrew His visible presence from the world; so that it was from heaven that the judgment fell upon the tower of Babel, and even the call to Abram in his home in Haran was issued through His word, that is to say, no doubt, through an inward monition. unto seems to me to create a kind of synergy from the whole dialectic. It’s not part of a cross which the the exiles separated from the peoples of the land (Ezra 6:21); by 9:1 we are separated unto the things of God’s Kingdom; the separation (2) Umberto Cassuto, A Commentary On The Book Of Genesis (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1992) Vol. Again The Biblical record states simply that Yahweh spoke and Abraham believed with no proof or prior relationship. 10:28,29). fulfil the command to leave his kindred and " father's house" we ask, Why? Let’s go back to Abraham. This is the reason why we have placed one hundred and thirty (seventy and sixty), in the genealogical table opposite Terah, because the line of descent is not traced through Haran, who was born when he was seventy, but through Abram, who by plain inference was born when he was one hundred and thirty years old. Why did not Abram immediately Genesis 2:5). Notice that God does not scold Abe for laying over with Terah in Haran. Clarke, I think he got what he said from either another source (or by direct revelation – but I don’t think we need to invoke this) or from an infallible variant reading, edited out by the Temple authorities by 70 CE, but around at that time (How could there be such a thing as an infallible variant reading? mine unbelief" . " In the triple number of the patriarchs, the divine election of the nation on the one hand, and the entire formation of the character and guidance of the life of Israel on the other, were to attain to their fullest typical manifestation. How utterly irreconcilable this fact is with the opinion that the Angel of Jehovah was a created angel, is conclusively proved by Revelation 22:9, which is generally regarded as perfectly corresponding to the account of the "Angel of Jehovah" of the Old Testament.

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